Revolver Entertainment is cock - a -hoop to present the DVD release of the epic Robot Chicken Star Wars – Episode 3. This all new double lenght DVD is out now at £12.99, along with the Robot Chicken Star Wars Trilogy boxset (RRP £15.99).

Millions of years from now, after Socrates, Shakespeare and the bible are long forgotten, only two great works will remain: the sci-fi cinema epic Star Wars and Adult Swim's stop-motion animated, cheap gag extravanganza Robot Chicken. And now, for the first time, they come together for the third time, in this all new special.

That's right, all your mot beloved Star Wars characters are going back through the comedy meat grinder. Watch Darth Vader fall into a toilet, while Emperor Palpatine rides the endless Death Star escalator! See Gary the Stormtrooper's speederbike test-drive come to a gruesome, Ewok-splattering end! And witness the firepower of Boba Fett's fully armed and operational T-SHIRT CANNON! Plus much, much more! It's Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III. Set your phasers to ''fun''! (Oh wait, wrong franchise.)

Extras Over 2 1/2 hours of extras including: - For the Love of Toys Featurette - For the Love of Star Wars Featurette - For the Love of Filmmaking Featurette - Trailers - Skate tour - Sunday in the - Boardroom with George Lucas - SW Celebration Panels - Easter Eggs - Voice Records Featurette - Writing Process Featurette - VFX Featurette - Skywalker Ranch premiere - Deleted Animatics - Chicken Nuggets - Gag Reel - Commentaries.

Certifiate 15.