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Baby doll simulators may actually increase teen pregnancy rates

3:35pm Friday 26th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Young girls exposed to electronic babies – designed to simulate the real experience of having a baby and discourage teenage pregnancy – were more likely to get pregnant," The Guardian reports…

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Excess body fat now linked to 13 different types of cancer

4:30pm Thursday 25th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Experts have linked eight more cancers to being overweight or obese, nearly tripling the list from five to 13," the Daily Mail reports. This is the latest finding of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)…

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Being sick of the daily commute could be affecting your health

3:40pm Wednesday 24th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Why your commute is killing you: stressful rush-hour journeys are shortening commuters' lifespans," The Sun reports after the Royal Society for Public Health published a report arguing that commuting can negatively impact both physical and mental health…

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Childhood head injury linked to range of adult health problems

2:28pm Wednesday 24th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Millions of Brits face dying early because of something they did when they were children," says the Daily Mirror's needlessly alarming headline. The newspaper reports on a study which found that a head injury causing concussion…

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Combined HRT breast cancer risk 'may have been underestimated'

2:28pm Tuesday 23rd August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Women who take a common form of HRT are nearly three times as likely to get breast cancer, a major study has found," the Daily Mail reports. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment used to relieve symptoms of the…

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Gene scanning 'could improve screening for oesophageal cancer'

3:20pm Monday 22nd August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Simple test can now reveal which heartburn patients are at risk of oesophageal cancer," is the hopeful headline in the Daily Mail, reporting on a new study from researchers at Queen Mary University of London…

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Animal research suggests Zika could affect the adult brain

2:30pm Friday 19th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Zika virus may cause long-term memory damage, similar to Alzheimer's disease," The Daily Telegraph reports. At the moment such a claim is pure speculation as it is based on research into mice…

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Perfect painkiller? Safe alternative to opiates may have been found

11:00am Friday 19th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

The Independent has claimed: "Scientists discover what could be a 'perfect' painkiller without side effects". Opiate-based painkillers such as morphine are extremely effective in relieving pain. The problem is that they are also addictive…

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Calcium supplements linked to post-stroke dementia in women

1:30pm Thursday 18th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Calcium supplements could dramatically raise the risk of dementia in women who suffer a stroke, a new study found," the Mail Online reports. However, the sample size (98) of women taking supplements was small, which casts doubts…

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Women's cancer risk may increase the longer they're obese

4:00pm Wednesday 17th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Fat women who refuse to diet 'are more likely to get cancer'," states the Mail Online, using a headline that is both inaccurate and offensive. The study it reports on looked at the relationship between weight during adulthood, and cancer risk…

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Does time of day influence our susceptibility to infection?

3:30pm Tuesday 16th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Viruses more dangerous in the morning," BBC News reports, but The Telegraph tells us that "the evening commute is worse for health". So who's right? It depends if you're talking about mice or humans…

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UK heart disease and stroke death rates now lower than cancer

3:28pm Monday 15th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Heart disease deaths now lower than cancer – but obesity crisis means this may not last," the Daily Mirror reports. A major review of European trends in cardiovascular disease deaths found that UK cancer deaths overtook cardiovascular deaths in 2014…

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Virtual reality helped improve nerve function in paralysed people

2:30pm Friday 12th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Virtual reality has helped eight paralysed patients regain some feeling in their legs in 'a big surprise'," Sky News reports. Researchers using virtual reality (VR) combined with a robotic exoskeleton were surprised to find participants…

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Gene patterns may explain brain's Alzheimer's vulnerability

2:28pm Thursday 11th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Scientists say they have discovered a possible explanation for how Alzheimer's disease spreads in the brain," The Guardian reports. Gene patterns in specific areas may explain why the disease tends to start...

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Sudden infant death advice 'being ignored' due to flat head worries

3:30pm Wednesday 10th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Parents are risking their babies' lives by putting expensive pillows in their cots to stop the back of their heads being flattened," the Daily Mail reports. A review of parental attitudes found some were ignoring advice…

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Decline in dog sperm quality 'could be a concern for humans'

3:28pm Wednesday 10th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Study showing decline in dog fertility may have human implications," The Guardian reports. The study in question found a decline in the quality of British dogs' sperm since 1988…

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Public Health England: music festivals 'are measles hotspots'

2:35pm Tuesday 9th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Music festivals including Glastonbury have become a hotbed of measles this summer, Public Health England has warned," BBC News reports. The public health body have called on young people to check their vaccination status before attending an event…

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Volunteering may boost mental wellbeing in older adults

12:30pm Tuesday 9th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Giving up time for charity work found to boost mental wellbeing as people get older," the Mail Online reports. A new UK-based study found that volunteering was associated with increased mental wellbeing; but mainly in adults aged between 40 and 70…

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New drug for severe asthma 'shows massive promise'

2:30pm Monday 8th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Asthma drug 'gamechanger' could revolutionise treatment," The Guardian reports after a new drug called fevipiprant showed promising results in a small study of 61 people with moderate to severe asthma…

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Claims acupuncture 'staves off dementia' are missing the point

2:30pm Friday 5th August 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Acupuncture may help elderly people retain their memory, research suggests," the Daily Mail reports. But the research is not new; it is in fact a review of previous Chinese trials, most of which were judged as being of poor quality…

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Ideas for boxing day

4:17pm Friday 25th December 2015 content supplied by Netmums

A winter walk in the country is a great Boxing Day tradition – unless you’ve got kids who act like every single step is torture. Throw in an element of adventure, though, and it’ll stop the whinging in its tracks. We love geocaching – a modern day treasure hunt using your phone or a satnav – for getting that Famous Five vibe with a 21st-century twist.

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reward charts

10:38am Saturday 9th May 2015 content supplied by Netmums

We've put together some cute reward simple and more detailed reward charts as well as placemats to colour in, based around pirates, fairies and monsters - you choose.

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