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Look after your tyres - and they'll look after you

Daily Echo:

6:00am Saturday 4th October 2014

DON'T become a statistic - that is the message from the Highways Agency after it revealed more than 1,800 tyre-related incidents took place on motorways and major roads in the south last winter.

Three glorious World Cup weeks lived up in Brazil for World Cup

Daily Echo:

6:19pm Friday 25th July 2014

FORMER Southern Daily Echo reporter Keith Malone has just returned form the trip of a lifetime – watching the World Cup in Brazil.

How did Southampton miss out on Ben Ainslie's Americas Cup dream?

Daily Echo: The plans for Ben Ainslie's America's Cup base in Portsmouth

4:55pm Friday 27th June 2014

IT COULD have been the bid that rejuvenated a key part of Southampton and created 1,000 new jobs - so how did the city miss out on Ben Ainslie's multi-million pound Americas cup dream?

War hero Jack back in the air 65 years on

Daily Echo: Jack Brindley

5:09pm Friday 27th June 2014

Second World War night fighter pilot Jack Brindley was last at the controls of an aircraft in 1949. Last weekend was an occasion for the veteran as he once again climbs into the cockpit

Why the people of Mali need your help

Daily Echo: Why the people of Mali need your help

5:05pm Monday 12th May 2014

WHAT would you do if your city, town or village was infiltrated by extremists?

What does the World Wide Web hold for us over the next 25 years?

Daily Echo: ART ON THE INTERNET: "To start the creative warm-up, set aside an evening and become your own programmer"

5:06pm Sunday 16th March 2014

THIS week marked 25 years since University of Southampton professor Tim Berners-Lee launched the first web page. But what will the World Wide Web look like in 25 years’ time?

£6,000 - the cost of being a Saints supporting family

Daily Echo: Rickie Lambert in action against Besiktas.

5:00pm Saturday 10th August 2013

THE Premier League kicks off next weekend and, more than ever before, the money involved in football at the highest level is soaring.

Dani King: time for a women's Tour de France

Daily Echo: Dani King celebrating winning gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games

8:55am Monday 5th August 2013

Hampshire Olympian Dani King tells Sally Churchward why she added her name to a campaign calling for next year’s Tour de France to include a women’s race

Lads mags covered up

Daily Echo: Lads mags in the Co-op

12:16pm Tuesday 30th July 2013

“IT’S just the start.” That is the message from one Hampshire campaigner who is urging all retailers to follow The Co-operative’s lead and cover up “harmful” lads’ mags from children’s view.

The engima of Cortese

Daily Echo: Nicola Cortese

12:20pm Monday 10th June 2013

To most Saints fans Nicola Cortese is an enigma. Keeping a very private public persona, does anyone really know the man in the Saints hot seat? Adam Leitch reports

New guide to Southampton published - with a difference

Daily Echo: Southampton

10:00am Sunday 12th May 2013

A new guide book has been published which gives a new slant on Southampton life.

Is this Southampton's spookiest pub?

Daily Echo: The Talking Heads

9:56am Sunday 12th May 2013

IT’S ONE of the most historic pubs in Southampton with a history dating back more than 130 years.

Be A Part of Art and Culture

Daily Echo: An artist's imperssion of Southampton's new Cultural Quarter

9:34am Monday 29th April 2013

Launching today in the Daily Echo, CultureSouthampton Friends is a new scheme encouraging everyone to sign up and boost the city’s burgeoning status as the arts capital of the south coast. LORELEI REDDIN reports

Parkinson's sufferers find their voices

Daily Echo: The Chessel Chanters at a rehearsal

9:30am Monday 22nd April 2013

Concerns were raised in Parkinson’s Awareness Week about the prejudice sufferers face, but a Southampton singing group is creating a positive new approach. Sally Churchward hears the talents of the Chessel Chanters

Special report: Should Saints expand St Mary's Stadium?

Daily Echo: Special report: Should Saints expand St Mary's Stadium?

8:35am Saturday 13th April 2013

WITH Saints having all but secured Premier League football for another year, talk is quickly turning to how to best spend the millions that the club will receive from the bumper TV deal which kicks in next season.

The mystery surrounding the bones of kings at Winchester Cathedral

Daily Echo: A selection of the bones contained in six chests

9:08am Saturday 30th March 2013

They are the bones thought to belong to some of the most significant people in history - but mystery surrounds their fate.

Your work could be the star attraction at city art gallery

Daily Echo: Artists Phil Duckworth, third from left, and Ben Sadler with project manager Val

9:38am Monday 18th March 2013

Local people are being invited to display their creative work at a new exhibition in Southampton

Inside the Eastleigh election campaign circus

Daily Echo: Prime Minister David Cameron speaking at B&Q

8:00am Sunday 17th February 2013

“HELP yourselves to the biscuits,” said one of the cheery staff who had clearly been put on ‘biscuit detail’ that day.

Helping those drowning with huge personal debts

Daily Echo: Helping those drowning with huge personal debts

12:55pm Sunday 10th February 2013

More and more people are turning to high-interest payday loans to make ends meet - but a local organisation could help.

Pathway to a peaceful death?

Daily Echo: Facts behind the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway revealed

9:00am Saturday 5th January 2013

A SYSTEM of care designed to ease the final hours of dying patients has been branded "euthanasia by the back door". The Daily Echo reveals the facts behind the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Busting the Liverpool Care Pathway myths

Daily Echo: Busting the Liverpool Care Pathway myths

9:00am Saturday 5th January 2013

Melanie Adams questions health chiefs to unearth the facts about the Liverpool Care Pathway and what it means for patients who are put on the programme.

Support for the Liverpool Care Pathway programme

Daily Echo: Daily Echo

9:00am Saturday 5th January 2013

Age Concern Southampton and Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington have both spoken out in support of the Liverpool Care Pathway.

A must-see sea city?

Daily Echo: Belfast's Titanic Museum under construction

12:20pm Sunday 18th November 2012

Belfast is another city facing the challenge of modernising its run-down waterfront. On a visit to the Northern Ireland capital this week to attend the Society of Editors’ annual conference, editor Ian Murray examines how the once troubled city is making the most of its setting by the sea

Fighting dogs, theft and avoiding tax - artist Jochem Hendricks brings his controversial work to Southampton

Daily Echo: Jochem with four of his taxidermy dogs

10:39am Monday 5th November 2012

He is one of the most controversial artists in the world – and on Tuesday an exhibition of his work opens in the city. Jochem Hendricks has worked with amputated body parts, dead animals and even stolen for his art. So what makes him tick? Sally Churchward finds out

'Good Life' couple cut gas bill to £2 a month

Daily Echo: Dan and Jane Fish at their Hampshire home

12:00pm Sunday 21st October 2012

IT’S the kind of bill we would all like to see. A Hampshire couple who have spent thousands of pounds making their bungalow “carbon-neutral” have got their gas bill down to just £2 a month.

Does B&Q's Hampshire Redundancies Mean Our Love Affair with DIY is Over?

Daily Echo: B&Q HQ in Chandler's Ford

11:59am Monday 15th October 2012

After a dismal summer cost it millions of pounds in profit, B&Q announced it was shedding 220 jobs this week. So have we fallen out of love with DIY?

A level playing field?

Daily Echo: Green Park

12:51pm Sunday 14th October 2012

Civic sports pitches are used by thousands every why are they in such a terrible condition?

The battle for Twyford Down - was it worth it?

Daily Echo: Road protester Chris Gillam today

9:50am Monday 1st October 2012

Twenty years ago, Chris Gillam was among the environmental campaigners who took part in the protests over the controversial M3 extension. Sally Churchward looks back with him

Zero tolerance is election vow

Daily Echo: Stephen West

2:00pm Wednesday 26th September 2012

A HAMPSHIRE Tory who shocked his colleagues by defecting to UKIP has set out his stall to become the county’s first elected police commissioner.

Shades of Grey: Does It Matter?

Daily Echo: Fiona Bruce

10:03am Tuesday 25th September 2012

As Fiona Bruce admits going grey would be a bad career move, SARAH JONES finds there is a sharp sex divide in the politics of hair colour.

Female offenders lend a helping hand

Daily Echo: Female offenders lend a helping hand

8:00am Sunday 23rd September 2012

An innovative community payback project in Southampton is helping to reduce female offending.

Growing number of students looking for 'sugar daddies'

Daily Echo: Growing number of students looking for 'sugar daddies'. Picture posed by models.

4:40pm Thursday 17th May 2012

A website that matches younger women to older, wealthy ‘sugar daddies’ claims it’s recruiting an increasing number of students from Southampton.

Are icebergs still deadly?

Daily Echo: The MS Explorer got into trouble after hitting an iceberg

8:46am Wednesday 18th April 2012

As the world marks the centenary of the Titanic tragedy this weekend, SALLY CHURCHWARD asks whether icebergs like that which fatally cut short the liner’s maiden voyage are a threat to modern shipping

Why feminism matters today as much as ever

Daily Echo: Nikki Brown, Joy Allen, Jess Haynes and Jenny Way

10:17am Tuesday 13th March 2012

IN a week that saw International Women's Day celebrated, Solent Feminist Network talk about the issues women face today.

The fall from grace of the beautiful game

Daily Echo: Fratton Park

8:20am Saturday 18th February 2012

IT has been another sobering week for fans of ‘the beautiful game’.

Esther Rantzen says public must help vulnerable elderly

Daily Echo: CASTLEPOINT VISIT: Esther Rantzen pictured in her garden in the New Forest

3:04pm Monday 19th December 2011

In the week in which Esther Rantzen has said there should be a helpline for vulnerable and isolated pensioners, she tells SARAH JONES that the public, too, have their part to play in these difficult financial times.

What was Southampton director Ken Russell's contribution to cimena?

Daily Echo: Ken Russell with his wife at his 80th birthday party.

2:45pm Monday 19th December 2011

With the death of New Forest film director Ken Russell on Sunday, British cinema lost one of its true originals. Sally Churchward looks back at his controversial work and lasting legacy

Are police plans for Saints vs Pompey match going too far?

Daily Echo: Safety first approach to Saints v Cherries

3:17pm Monday 5th December 2011

It’s set to be one of the biggest ever football policing operations in Hampshire as police prepare to use the controversial ‘coach bubble’ tactic to get Southampton fans to this month’s clash with rivals Pompey. But is this approach heavy-handed – or a necessity to keep fans safe? Here, both sides have their say.

How does Southampton compare to rivals this Christmas?

Daily Echo: Portsmouth's Victorian Christmas

3:03pm Monday 5th December 2011

T'IS the season to be jolly.

Keeping fans in a bubble ahead of derby clash

Daily Echo: Mounted police offices lead Saints fans to Fratton Park in 2004

10:19am Monday 7th November 2011

A new tactic is being employed by police to keep trouble to a minimum at the upcoming South Coast derby between Saints and Pompey, but as Dan Kerins explains, some think the bubble is a step too far.

Fighting spirit of brave Hampshire soldier

Daily Echo: David Henson outside his home in Bitterne Park

10:45am Monday 18th July 2011

Five months ago he lost both his legs in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. Lt Dave Henson has since re-learnt to walk, raised over £9,000 in a charity swim and is now championing a campaign to provide specialist homes for other war heroes.

Challenging campus homophobia

Daily Echo: Professor Eric Anderson

6:52pm Monday 20th June 2011

The University of Winchester may become the first in Britain to publish an ‘Outlist’ – an online record of its openly gay students and staff. The lecturer behind the idea, Professor Eric Anderson talks to PAULA THOMPSON about changing attitudes on campus.

Flight of the Navigators

Daily Echo: A glimpse inside the Swanwick control centre

3:05pm Tuesday 5th April 2011

In the week in which the Government is said to be considering selling its 49 per cent share in the UK’s air traffic control service, SARAH JONES gets a rare insight into the heart of the organisation.

Could Liverpool be cruising for a bruising?

Daily Echo: Cruise ships in port at Southampton yesterday.

12:00pm Sunday 3rd April 2011

The row between Southampton and Liverpool over northern ambitions to play a bigger role in the UK cruising industry seems to have come to an end. Shipping editor Keith Hamilton gives a personal view on the outcome of this heated war of words.

Swapping four wheels for two

Daily Echo: Daily Echo reporter Jon Reeve rides the electric bike

5:11pm Wednesday 30th March 2011

THEY have been hailed as a solution to the UK’s traffic problems, and with 20 million already sold in China, electric bike sales are now stepping up a gear in Britain. JON REEVE swapped his car for one for a week to find out whether they really are a viable alternative.

Coming out in football

Daily Echo: Glen Smith and Martin Hastings of Bournemouth and Hampshire Gay Football Club

4:25pm Monday 28th March 2011

This week gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell called on the FA to take a much stronger lead in tackling homophobia in football. Could gay football teams be the way forward?

Seeing red?

Daily Echo: Seeing red?

10:10am Sunday 7th November 2010

In the week a man was jailed for attacking a pensioner during a queue-jumping incident at a New Forest petrol station Paula Thompson asks, is society getting angrier?

City is second most expensive in UK for retirement

Daily Echo: The Government is to phase out compulsory retirement at 65 by October 2011, but the plans have met with opposition

1:10pm Saturday 9th October 2010

SOUTHAMPTON is the second most expensive city in the UK to retire in, according to new research.

Organ donors needed to help save more lives

Daily Echo: Trish Collins, donor transplant coordinator at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, urges people to register.

11:50am Tuesday 13th July 2010

Only 31 per cent of people are signed up to become organ donors – and more are needed.

Could oil spill disaster happen here?

Daily Echo: Could oil spill disaster happen here?

9:33am Monday 21st June 2010

Barack Obama this week compared the Gulf of Mexico oil leak to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. With two major oil operations on the banks of Southampton Water, PETER LAW asks if it could happen here

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