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Shooting and suicide after father’s funeral

Daily Echo: Shooting and suicide after father’s funeral

8:33am Thursday 29th July 2010

THE drama was unlike no other witnessed on the Isle of Wight.

Wife's affair drives man to kill guitarist

Daily Echo: Sue Theron

11:23am Thursday 27th May 2010

HE was likened to a volcano rumbling under the surface – and when the crust cracked, the eruption was uncontrollable.

Rising star singer arrested in city

4:20pm Thursday 25th March 2010

He had a career that promised so much, yet ultimately fulfilled so little.

Comedian brings smile to judges face

12:30pm Friday 27th November 2009

HE earned his living as a comedian but this was no laughing matter.

Knifeman attacked by Bill's best pal

Daily Echo: Knifeman attacked by Bill's best pal

12:33pm Thursday 26th November 2009

SHE was unwanted and unloved. But Bill Matthews gave her a home and Cindy repaid his master’s kindness by protecting him against a knife-wielding robber The 27-year-old transport company foreman was threatened as he supervised the loading and unloading of cauliflowers at his firm’s yard in Endle Street and Albert Road, Southampton, when a stranger lurking in a doorway approached and asked for a light for his cigarette.

Pensioner killed in drunken attack

12:29pm Thursday 26th November 2009

HE went for a jog – and committed a murder.

Who killed our Ricky?

Daily Echo: Ricky Hayward

5:03pm Tuesday 20th October 2009

Twenty years after one of Hampshire’s most notorious unsolved murders, his family are desperate for answers

Ship’s chef badly burnt by steward

Daily Echo: Queen Mary

3:10pm Thursday 1st October 2009

HE had suffered burns to much of his body but the victim and assailant had again become the best of pals.

‘Charlatan’ Peter the Doc

3:01pm Thursday 1st October 2009

A JUDGE hardly minced his words when he sentenced a man known as Peter the Doc.

Who killed Georgina?

Daily Echo: MURDER SCENE: Paul Barton, of Hampshire police, outside Fig Tree Cottage, the home of murder victim Georgina Edmonds.

9:27am Thursday 2nd July 2009

IT should have been a day of celebration with her family.

Dead ringer for a wanted man?

Daily Echo: MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Alfred Hinds, pictured left and Kenneth Mott, right

3:01pm Thursday 23rd April 2009

THE conversation dropped to a whisper and eyes turned askance as the male customer was served at a Hampshire newsagents.

'Serious doubts' over 27-year-old murder conviction

Daily Echo: teresa de simone murder scene square.jpg

10:10am Thursday 12th March 2009

A MAN jailed for murdering a barmaid in Southampton 27 years ago could be released from prison within days after serious doubts emerged about his conviction, it was revealed today.

Milk float accident

Daily Echo: Milk float accident

1:02pm Saturday 21st February 2009

A JUDGE spoke out at the last minute about investigative work that was carried out in a damages claim – four and a half years after it had happened.

Slain as they slept

Daily Echo: Percy Harrison

3:46pm Thursday 1st January 2009

THEY had died in a bloodbath. One had been stabbed with a throwing knife 19 times, the other 13.

Deranged attacker slashed housewife

Daily Echo: Deranged attacker slashed housewife

2:40pm Thursday 13th November 2008

“It was my mother who drove me to do it. She told me I would never get anywhere unless I committed murder. I was going to murder the old woman yesterday.”

Girl played dead to fool attacker

Daily Echo: Elva Derbyshire

2:43pm Thursday 30th October 2008

When little Elva Derbyshire was throttled by a man in the New Forest, she hoped feigning death would keep her alive. SHE was courageous and wise beyond her years. Elva Derbyshire feigned death after being attacked while exercising her pony in the New Forest.

Why did they do it, Mum?

Daily Echo: Why did they do it, Mum?

2:15pm Thursday 16th October 2008

It was a murder committed before the eyes of an estimated 35 people, but solving the mystery of who killed David Skeats went down as one of the outstanding pieces of detection in Hampshire police history.

Delivering pint of milk lands man in court

11:30am Friday 26th September 2008

IT was an expensive pint of milk – and not for the customer. A furious Alfred Harbert stormed out of court, slamming local justice following a commotion with his horse and cart near the town centre in Southampton.

Nabarro nabbed for danger driving

Daily Echo: ON TRIAL: Sir Gerald Nabarro arrives at Winchester Crown Court, driven by his wife

11:47am Thursday 25th September 2008

It was one of the great scandals of its era and led to the downfall of perhaps Britain’s most flamboyant politician. PETER LAW looks back at the case of the MP and the Totton roundabout

The armed gang who set sights on payroll

Daily Echo: AFTERMATH: A smashed police car is towed away from the scene of the confrontation in Eastleigh.

11:39am Thursday 25th September 2008

THEY came from the Big Smoke, thinking the Eastleigh factory was an easy touch. It had been plotted with skill, experience and ruthlessness.

Killed for kicks

Daily Echo: Carol Heath

3:22pm Thursday 10th July 2008

HE seemed to be the perfect Good Samaritan, only too willing to help a teenage girl who had seemingly collapsed at the side of a country lane on a winter's afternoon in Hampshire.

Gardener was murdered by partner as he tended lettuces

Daily Echo:

2:53pm Thursday 10th July 2008

Bouldner Park, near Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. It was shortly before 3pm on a summer's afternoon that police received the 999 call: "I've found a man outside my house. I think that he must have been murdered."

Brutal railway murder that shocked a nation

Daily Echo: ON TRIAL: The suspect is taken to court.

3:23pm Thursday 17th April 2008

Fifteen-year-old Yvonne Laker was found dead on a Hampshire train in 1964. JOHN HOSKINS tells the story of the resulting manhunt

The night a firefighter killed OAP – then set her home alight

Daily Echo: EVIDENCE: Firefighters search for clues after the blaze in Brockenhurst Road.

3:19pm Thursday 17th April 2008

THE owner of a Hampshire merchant builders' business allowed detectives investigating the murder of a devout churchgoing pensioner to use his premises as a temporary police station to trap her killer.

The night the allies opened fire on a country pub

Daily Echo: The Crown today

2:33pm Thursday 10th April 2008

It was the bloodiest moment of the Second World War for one Hampshire village – but it wasn’t the Nazis who brought blood to the streets of Kingsclere. PETER LAW reports on the secret massacre hushed up by the Allies.

Letter could bring justice 22 years later

Daily Echo: Sandra Court

2:29pm Thursday 10th April 2008

Sandra Court was found strangled in a water-filled ditch in 1986 ¨C but police are still determined to catch her killer and believe an anonymous letter-writer could hold the key. JOHN HOSKINS tells the story of an enduring mystery.

A killer in the family

Daily Echo: COURT DRAWING: An artist's impression of the killing.

10:47am Thursday 13th March 2008

SOMEWHERE, a young Southampton woman holds a dark, terrible family secret.

Pictures that drew police to knicker thief

Daily Echo:

10:42am Thursday 13th March 2008

IT'S rare that a couple of hand drawn pictures of a piece of stolen jewellery can lead police straight to capturing a burglar.

Husband pleads for leniency over wife’s theft

10:35am Thursday 13th March 2008

In what was described as a curious case of theft, Jane Hamilton appeared before Winchester magistrates in 1907, charged with stealing jewellery and household effects from Elizabeth Friend who had been lodging with her.

The murders they turned into a movie

Daily Echo: VICTIMS:  Lydia and Norma Leakey.

12:00pm Thursday 28th February 2008

A lodger's brutal slaughter of his landlady and her daughter.

Children kept in worst conditions ever seen

11:57am Thursday 28th February 2008

HE was one of the most experienced officers in the Hampshire force and his testimony carried considerable weight at the trial of a socially inept couple facing cruelty charges.

Asbos - do they work?

Daily Echo:

1:32pm Friday 22nd February 2008

A KEY weapon in the fight against community crime - or merely a badge of honour for yobs? Following the controversial introduction of Anti Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) in England and Wales in 1999, 10,000 have been issued.

I killed the old lady

Daily Echo: George McDonald-Williams

1:20pm Friday 22nd February 2008

There was nothing to link the brutal killing of spinster Frances Pressley to 30-year-old George McDonald Williams – until he walked into a police station and confessed.

Bungling raiders caught in phone breakthrough

Daily Echo:

7:31pm Thursday 14th February 2008

ANDREW NAPIER looks back at the Maids Hill Mob who were traced after police trawled through their mobile records

Finding a killer

Daily Echo:

7:28pm Thursday 14th February 2008

Georgina Edmonds was a kindly 77-year-old lady who was in good health. She lived alone with her dogs in a relatively isolated property on Kiln Lane, Brambridge.

Who was the village pub bomber?

Daily Echo:

7:25pm Thursday 14th February 2008

BY the time you've said Blacknest' you've virtually passed through it.

Brutal slaying of sweet Fanny Adams

Daily Echo: ABDUCTION: A drawing from Illustrated Police News showing Frederick Baker carrying Fanny away from her sister Elizabeth and their friend Millie.

12:07pm Thursday 7th February 2008

JOHN HOSKINS looks back at the horrific killing of a little eight-year-old girl

The great paper chase

Daily Echo: The durgs haul

11:56am Thursday 7th February 2008

It started with the discovery of half a million pounds worth of drugs at a Hampshire home

In the Dock – Throats cut in moment of madness

11:55am Thursday 7th February 2008

WHY he did it only Walter Stanley knew.

In the Dock

4:11pm Thursday 31st January 2008

John Hoskins looks back through Daily Echo archives to find a fascinating tale from the local courthouse

How detectives prove a murder - without a body

Daily Echo: Belinda Gibson

1:22pm Thursday 31st January 2008

In our final look at how murder cases are investigated, JENNY MAKIN talks to Det Chief Insp Jason Hogg about how they prove someone is dead and convict people for murder when a body has never been found.

Unravelling the doll face murder mystery

Daily Echo: Jeanette Hinsch

12:50pm Thursday 31st January 2008

FOR nearly six years it was the thriller without a final chapter.

Telling families a loved one is dead is never easy

Daily Echo: Kirsi Gifford-Hull

9:42am Thursday 24th January 2008

We continue our look at how detectives deal with murder inquiries in Hampshire, as Constable Alan Ferguson talks about his role as a Family Liaison Officer and how he found himself close to a killer in 2005.

Eaten by cannibals

Daily Echo:

9:31am Thursday 24th January 2008

In all the annals of the sea there are few more terrible stories than that of a Southampton cabin boy who became the victim of an age-old seafaring tradition – cannibalism.

Murder on the high seas

Daily Echo: Killer: Rodolfo Juanga

11:40am Thursday 17th January 2008

Detective Inspector Nigel Niven speaks about why the Hampshire's major crime department was called in to investigate when someone was killed on board the world’s biggest ship, how they protected the crime scene with thousands of passengers on board and how they got the killer back to the UK.

The mad scientist who cut up his parents with a hacksaw

Daily Echo: Killer: Daniel Rosenthal

11:32am Thursday 17th January 2008

We look back through the archives at the gruesome tale of a Hampshire man who brutally murdered his parents - and was then brought to justice using new techniques.

To catch a killer

Daily Echo: Victim: Sarah Merrit, right, with her daughter Aimee

3:00pm Thursday 10th January 2008

Detectives in Hampshire’s major crime department deal with every homicide in the county – but just how do they begin solving a murder when it happens? Jenny Makin talks to Detective Chief Inspector Jason Hogg about heading the hunt to catch a killer using good police work, new technology – and the book of essential tips.

The porthole murder

Daily Echo: Gay Gibson

12:48pm Thursday 10th January 2008

An infatuated deck steward had an eye for the ladies... and killed actress Gay Gibson on a Southampton-bound ship.

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