IT’S a day that brings families together to celebrate all things great about their Mothers.

But Mothering Sunday wasn’t always about honouring or bestowing presents upon the one who brought us into the world - it once had a very different meaning.

The special day, which falls on the fourth Sunday of lent and three weeks before Easter, was originally for remembering St John of the Ladder, and involved people visiting their mother church.

Through the years, the calendar date was merged with the American celebration of Mother’s Day and used by merchants as a commercial opportunity.

It’s since become the celebration of maternity we’ve come to know, and one which virtually all Hampshire residents have marked in the past.

In 1989 Heather Curtis won the prize of three books in the Echo’s Super Mum competition after being nominated by her daughter Cheryl.

Cheryl thought her mum deserved a prize for “being a wonderful mother to me and my brother.

“I know that if I had the money to buy the books for my mum, I would.”