IT ONCE screened the best of Hollywood, and although its leisure offerings have changed through the years, it remains a regular go to venue for many locals.

The Atherley first opened its doors on Saturday, September 14, 1912, and was the first cinema in the city to show the first full length talking and singing film Lucky Boy, starring George Jessel.

The oldest cinema in Southampton not only changed its name to The Atherley Leisure Centre in December 1975, but also changed what it offered the locals - it became a bingo hall, opened by English stage, screen and radio comedian Tommy Trinder.

The original plan was for the upper floor to reopen as a 200-seat cinema, although this never came to fruition. It was eventually used as offices for businesses whilst the leisure facility changed name to Atherley Bingo and Social Club.

The bingo hall received another upgrade when in 1979, the huge canopy at the front came under the sledgehammer as part of a scheme to improve the facade.

Just seven years later and the leisure facility went through another renovation, this time changing its name to Leisure Bingo and reintroducing a canopy at the front.

The same canopy still protrudes proudly from the front of the building, and although it now trades under the name New Century Bingo, it continues to serve bingo lovers of all ages.