USUALLY famous for animals and their historic farm, the organisers at Manor Farm and Country Park put on a variety of activities on April 1, 1994 to keep children entertained during their Easter break.

Some of the youngsters got involved in hand drawing Easter cards for their mothers. Others enjoyed getting messy with paint, decorating eggs for Easter.

No activities at that time of year would be complete without the compulsory egg hunt, which kept the young visitors entertained as they sniffed out clues – and potentially a prize.

Kids of varying ages took part in the special adventures, and were also able to take advantage of the usual offerings whilst they were there.

Manor Farm and Country Park still run Easter Egg hunts for youngsters each year.

On this day…

A litre of petrol cost 54p

Mariah Carey’s album Music Box was the best seller.

Doop were at number one with Doop.

People may have been watching The X-Files on TV.

Gamers may have been playing Super Metroid on the SNES.

Top of the box office was Beethoven’s 2nd.

A pint of draught beer cost 83p.

U2’s album The Joshua Tree was the best seller.

Boy George was at number one with Everything I Own.

People may have been watching Alf on TV.

Gamers may have been playing Contra in arcades.