Edward Turner Sims is best known today for his association with the university of Southampton's concert hall through a legacy that launched a fundraising appeal for the £216,000 building costs.

It opened in 1974 as an intimate auditorium with outstanding acoustics.

He was a businessman who was one of the bosses of Edwin Jones and Company, a Southampton department store on the site of the current Debenhams store.

He rose through the ranks to become its chairman and managing director in 1922.

Mr Sims was also leader of the Liberal party in Southampton for many years, the popularity of which was reflected in the party's success in the 1906 general election when both its candidates were elected to Westminster.

For many years Mr Sims combined business and politics as director of the old Southampton Times Newspaper company and became chairman of the company when it merged with the Hampshire Advertiser.

Mr Sims also served as a magistrate for 21 years.

He was known as a man of boundless energy and enthusiasm and died at his Bassett home in 1928, aged 80, after a brief illness. He was married twice.

Name: Edward Turner Sims Occupation: Businessman and politician DIED: January 10, 1928 (aged 80) LOCAL LINK: Well known local entrepreneur