Born in 1901, Horace King was later educated in Stockton and Kings College London where he obtained a first class Honours Degree and a PhD.

After becoming a headmaster in Southampton, he went on to be a Hampshire county councillor and then Labour MP for Itchen, Southampton.

He was installed as Speaker of the House of Commons at the age of 65 and received a life peerage, becoming known as Lord Maybray King.

Lord Maybray King, or Doc King as most Southampton people knew him, won for himself a reputation as a distinguished Speaker but he was also a colourful character.

Besides being a Shakespearean scholar he was an accomplished musician, song writer and entertainer.

More often that not whenever Lord Maybray King attended a function in Southampton as the main after dinner speaker the evening would, more than likely, end up with the politician playing a piano and leading a sing-along.

Doc King, who is still remembered in the city with the road, Maybray King Way, in Bitterne named after him, died on September 3 1986 after a long illness.

Name: Lord Maybray King Occupation: Speaker of the House of Commons DATE OF BIRTH: May 25, 1901 DIED: September 3, 1986 LOCAL LINK: Headmaster, councillor and MP