King William II was the second surviving son of William the Conqueror and during his time as king of England had powers over Normandy and influence in Scotland. He made unsuccessful attempts to gain power in Wales in 1096 and 1097.

He was regarded as an effective solder, a ruthless ruler who in Normandy tradition scorned the Anglo Saxons and their culture. He displayed a disregard for the church.

William died while hunting in the New Forest when he was killed by an arrow through the lung.

He was found the next day by a group of local peasants, lying dead in the woods with an arrow piercing his lungs. His body was taken to Winchester Cathedral.

William was buried under the tower of Winchester Cathedral which collapsed the following year.

Mystery today surrounds the circumstances surrounding his death and whether it was an accident or murder.

A stone known as the Rufus Stone marks the spot in the New Forest where some believe he fell.

Name: William II (Also commonly known as Rufus) Occupation: King of England from 1087 until 1100 LOCAL LINK: He died while hunting in the New Forest