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Mixed fortunes of Southampton's landmarks

Daily Echo:

4:02pm Monday 13th October 2014

CHARLOTTE Place, Southampton, today is a busy traffic junction between Dorset Street and East Park Terrace, the original association of its name with royalty now forgotten.

Falling for roller disco

Daily Echo:

5:57pm Monday 22nd September 2014

IF you wanted to enjoy the latest craze in Southampton back in September 1980 you really needed to get your skates on.

Boxers and cricketers play their part in the war

Daily Echo:

12:27pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

THE considerable part which Southampton and the surrounding area was playing in the war effort was commendably demonstrated through a series of illustrations and photographs in this week’s edition of the Southampton Pictorial 100 years ago.

Decaying areas turned into a haven for plants

Daily Echo:

12:18pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

THERE is a period in Southampton’s history which is never described at great length because it was one of dark days, impoverishment and dwindling importance.

The captain's error that doomed oceanic

Daily Echo:

4:26pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

THE DAILY Echo carried the confirmation that left many Sotonians feeling particularly sad – the good ship Oceanic was no more.

Search for shelter after Nazi blitz

Daily Echo:

3:07pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

ALTHOUGH the threat from Nazi bombs had disappeared with the end of the Second World War a year earlier, the legacy the German raids left behind created another national crisis of its own as homeless families in Southampton faced up to the acute shortage of housing.

War declared on plague of rats

Daily Echo:

2:05pm Friday 11th July 2014

Battle lines were drawn and drastic measures were being taken, the Daily Echo reported 100 years ago today.

Massive fire on wharf spread to houses

Daily Echo:

4:47pm Tuesday 8th July 2014

A MASSIVE fire dominated the headlines of the Daily Echo 100 years ago today with Europe just weeks away from the outbreak of the First World War.

How the Daily Echo reported the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914

Daily Echo: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which sparked the First World War will be a feature of an event at Lancaster City Museum on June 28

6:20pm Monday 30th June 2014

The full text of how the Southern Daily Echo reported the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914.

Inside Southampton Power Station

Daily Echo: Southampton Power Station in the 1960s

1:06pm Sunday 15th June 2014

FOR decades Southampton Power Station, with its towering chimneys looming over the local skyline, was quite literally an eyesore.

Queen Bess, a crowd-puller in Southampton

Daily Echo: Queen Elizabeth I

5:39pm Tuesday 6th May 2014

“GOOD Queen Bess” was aged just 27 when she rode into Southampton in the August of 1560.

Take a walk down a 'picturesque, dilapidated and ancient street'

Daily Echo: How Southampton's Simnel Street looked in 1896.

10:57am Monday 28th April 2014

OLD Simnel Street, Southampton, was one of the most picturesque, dilapidated and ancient streets in the town of yesteryear.

Dopey caused trouble at Southampton's Boating Lake

Daily Echo: Playing on the boating lake at Southampton Sports Centre

4:51pm Wednesday 16th April 2014

AS THE attendant at the boating lake on Southampton’s Sports centre called time on another ship’s voyage around the lake, his announcement was met with whoops of laughter.

10 forgotten Southampton landmarks

Daily Echo: Southampton Stadium

4:51pm Friday 11th April 2014

SOUTHAMPTON has changed in many ways over the years, and here are some of the more notable landmarks which have vanished over the decades.

300-mile adventure of the 'Ghost Rider'

Daily Echo: The Ghost, with Richard St Barbe Baker in the saddle, receives a special feed of oats when he reaches the Cobbett Memorial at Botley after the ride in through three counties.

4:33pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

HE was dubbed the “Ghost Rider” during his 300-mile adventure through Hampshire and other parts of the south.

Church has place in history

Daily Echo: All Saints' Church, Dibden, before World War Two

3:46pm Tuesday 1st April 2014

FOR centuries Dibden’s picturesque All Saints’ Church was a familiar landmark overlooking Southampton Water.

Baths were a splash hit with visitors

Daily Echo: Southampton Central Swimming Baths

9:33am Monday 24th March 2014

Southampton’s old Central Swimming Baths were enjoyed by many over the decades – from its opening exactly 52 years ago, right through to its final offerings as Centre 2000 with its exciting flume rides.

Art collector helps himself

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

5:26pm Thursday 20th March 2014

AN art collector is prepared to dispose of a very rare and unique miniature portrait, painted on ivory by a celebrated artist, of William of Orange and Mary Stuart, king and queen of England 1689-1742.’

Following in the family's footsteps

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

5:24pm Thursday 20th March 2014

LIKE mother, like daughter.

A secret second life for ex-soldier

Daily Echo: Troops advance on the first day of the battle of the Somme.

5:15pm Thursday 20th March 2014

SHE was understandably furious.

Serial fraudster posed as millionaire to fool victims

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

5:07pm Thursday 20th March 2014

ONCE a conman, always a conman as a series of victims would realise.

Southampton's London Road through the years

Daily Echo: Southampton’s London Road during the 1930s.

4:46pm Monday 17th March 2014

AFTER the Second World War, it became a wilderness of weeds as the blitzed bomb sites of Southampton’s London Road waited for a new beginning.

A backwater no more

Daily Echo: Southampton High Street which 'rivalled those in London for grandness.'

5:09pm Tuesday 11th March 2014

SOUTHAMPTON’S beginnings are deeply rooted yet its development into one of the country’s most important maritime centres dates from comparatively recent times.

10 school trips Hampshire school kids did

Daily Echo: Tudor House

11:00am Friday 7th March 2014

Nothing could match the joy of a young school child being let out of the classroom and allowed to experience the outside world. Here, we remember some of the most common school trips for Hampshire kids.

21 long forgotten nights out in Southampton

Daily Echo: Top Rank in Southampton.

3:07pm Friday 21st February 2014

THROUGH the mists of time and overindulgence, it might be hard to recall some of the nights out you've had in Southampton. This list of 20 venues may just jog your memory.

Cub Scout Pack celebrate 100 years with time capsule

Daily Echo: The Highfield Cub Scout Pack today

10:50am Monday 17th February 2014

IT is one of the oldest Cub Packs in Hampshire and 100 years on it is still flying high under its original flag.

17 photos of flooding in Hampshire over the last 100 years

Daily Echo: Floods of February 2014 - Fordingbridge

4:52pm Thursday 13th February 2014

As countless people across Hampshire and the UK deal with the flooding that is causing so many problems, it is worth remembering that it is an issue that has long blighted countless communities.

32 Southampton pubs that have closed in recent years

Daily Echo: The Castle, Southampton

5:10am Saturday 8th February 2014

THE PUB trade is in a dire state at the moment, with pubs closing at a rate of more than 2 a day across the UK.

12 things almost every teenager in Southampton experienced during the 90s

Daily Echo: Power in the Park 1997

11:00am Friday 31st January 2014

LIFE these days may be dominated by rent, mortgages, jobs and children, but there was a simplier time - and hopefully these will jog your memories of easier days!

10 photos showing 120 years of changes on Above Bar Street in Southampton

Daily Echo: Above Bar Street as it is today

5:03pm Friday 24th January 2014

Southampton has changed a lot over the centuries, perhaps nmore than during the last one.

Prysmian celebrates 100 years in Southampton

Daily Echo: Entrance to the Pirelli Works in Southampton, on Western Esplanade

6:55pm Tuesday 21st January 2014

THEY made the telephone cables used in the trenches of the First World War, played a vital role in D-Day and were at the forefront of establishing the National Grid.

Secrets of ‘king’ bones revealed

Daily Echo: Statue of King Alfred the Great in Winchester

5:00am Friday 17th January 2014

MORE about the search for King Alfred the Great is due to be revealed today.

Scandal and skating at the Victoria Rooms

Daily Echo: The Victoria Rooms in Southampton, as viewed from Ogle Road

5:13pm Wednesday 8th January 2014

IT WAS the scene of local scandal, the place where roller skating made its debut in Southampton, a popular snooker hall and finally the victim of the demolition bulldozer.

Auld Lang Syne for our trams

Daily Echo: The last Southampton tram

2:45pm Tuesday 31st December 2013

IT WAS 64 years ago today that the familiar sight and sound of Southampton’s tram network disappeared from the town’s streets.

How a busy city turned into ghost town ruins

Daily Echo: Old Sarum as seen from the air

5:39pm Tuesday 17th December 2013

FEW places convey the spirit of ancient England better than the ruins and ramparts of Old Sarum — especially on a windy day.

The last court cases heard in the Bargate

Daily Echo: The Bargate in Southampton in the 1930s

9:40am Thursday 12th December 2013

THE last words in a chapter of Southampton’s legal history were written in midsummer 1933 with the closure of its unique court house.

Southampton's very own Bloody Sunday

Daily Echo: The Arcades along Western Esplanade at West Quay, part of Southampton's town walls, built after the French raids.

4:38pm Wednesday 4th December 2013

THE MORNING of October 4, 1338, started like any other Sunday for the inhabitants of medieval Southampton.

When Lee Harvey Oswald came to Southampton

Daily Echo: John F. Kennedy

4:44pm Friday 22nd November 2013

FIFTY years ago today John F Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States was shot dead.

Lifting the veil of secrecy

Daily Echo: A Fairey Swordfish

10:52am Friday 8th November 2013

IT WAS the day that saw the veil of secrecy lifted from one of the country’s most top secret defence establishments.

Change a good thing for 19th century Southampton

Daily Echo: Southampton High Street, looking north from the junction with Bernard Street

11:36am Tuesday 29th October 2013

In the 19th century Southampton was a very different place compared to the city of today. Keith Hamilton takes a stroll around the town as it was in decades past

Forgotten pier we were so proud of

Daily Echo: Southampton's Royal Pier, 1959

4:37pm Tuesday 29th October 2013

TODAY Southampton’s once fine Royal Pier is a sad and sorry sight and nothing remains to hint at its former glory.

The first match broadcast from The Dell

Daily Echo: The first match broadcast on radio from The Dell. Leslie Sullivan, chairman of the Toc H branch, pictured commentating (on far left of the picture) on the match between Saints and Doncaster Rovers

2:19pm Monday 21st October 2013

KICK BY KICK, roar by roar, the patients in two Southampton hospitals were able to immerse themselves in the matchday atmosphere of the Dell and cheer on the Saints – and all without leaving the confines of their hospital beds!

BAT at 100: Deal that brought peace in trade war

Daily Echo: Pictures from the past 100 Years of British American Tobacco.

6:05pm Wednesday 9th October 2013

IT was born out of a deal that helped bring peace amid an intense trade war.

Landmark was a thank you for lighting up city

Daily Echo: The Southampton Gas Column depicted in 1850 at the Town Quay

5:53pm Tuesday 8th October 2013

A FAMILIAR landmark in Southampton is the socalled Gas Column erected as a tribute to William Chamberlayne, who gave the town its first street lights.

The mansion on two sides of the town walls

Daily Echo: West Gate House in SOuthampton as viewed approximately from what is now Mayflower Park

5:41pm Tuesday 8th October 2013

ONE of Victorian Southampton’s most remarkable mansions was West Gate House, which occupied a prime site near the old West Quay.

Founder went against the grain to build mill

Daily Echo: Solent Flour Mill, Southampton, pictured in 1950

4:26pm Monday 7th October 2013

A FAMILIAR landmark on the Southampton skyline for the last 79 years has been the Solent Flour Mills, now operated by the Rank Hovis Company.

Southampton pub played a part in victory at Agincourt

Daily Echo: The Red Lion on High Street in Southampton

6:46pm Monday 16th September 2013

SOUTHAMPTON has witnessed many great events in its time, but few which made a greater impact on history than those of 1415.

Saints play first match at The Dell 115 years ago

Daily Echo: The first ever match at The Dell in Southampton, in 1898.

9:27am Wednesday 4th September 2013

SOUTHAMPTON Football Club played their first match at The Dell 115 years ago this week.

High hopes for heliport brought down to earth

Daily Echo: Opening of Southampton Heliport on January 29, 1969

2:20pm Tuesday 27th August 2013

IN THE late 1960s, when Southampton opened the first heliport in the country to an air of optimism, many envisaged it would set the city firmly on the map as the meeting place for highpowered company executives.

Poverty and prosperity in Simnel St

Daily Echo: Simnel Street, Southampton in the Victorian era

2:04pm Tuesday 27th August 2013

A THOROUGHFARE with an especially chequered past is Simnel Street, Southampton, which has run the full gamut of prosperity and poverty in its time.

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