While serving at R.A.F. Calshot, I was lucky enough to meet and mix with many good people in Southampton, though its now been Fifty Years since I was last in the City, I've never forgot the good Friends I had down there, names that spring to mind are Eunice Graham, Shirley Diamond (or Dymond) Pete and Joan Fitch, Mike Richards and many more whose names, but not faces, escape me, a little later in the year, my Wife and I plan to visit Southampton and I'd just love to meet up again with those old Friends...Okay, so we've all changed over the Years, but hopefully, like your City, we'll all have changed for the better, perhaps the 'Checkpoint' Coffee Bar's gone? maybe the 'Grand Theatre's' gone? certainly our taste in Rock 'n' Roll Music's gone, however there's bound to be lots of Positive things we'll have to talk about, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, what's been happening?. Lets meet up, bring out the Zimmer frames, walking sticks, motorised scooters or whatever and have at least one night out. Please, get in touch, the names Bill Sutherland, you can write me at 73 Allendale Road Sunderland SR3 3DE, Phone me at 0191 5281335 or E-Mail me at bill.sutherland2@ntlworld.com Best Wishes to all. Bill Sutherland.