The whole civilised world has been thrown into grief by the unparalleled disaster to the Titanic, and already this universal feeling has been expressed in a very striking way.

The following message was received last night by the White Star Company:-"The Queen and I are horrified at the appalling disaster which has happened to the Titanic, and at the terrible loss of life. We deeply sympathise with the bereaved relations, and feel for them in their great sorrow with all our hearts.-GEORGE R. AND I."

To this message Messrs. Ismay, Imrie and Co. sent the following reply:-"We are deeply grateful to your Majesty and the Queen for the gracious message of sympathy. The calamity is indeed overwhelming in its magnitude and in the sorrow it must bring to so many hearts. We are taking necessary steps to ensure that the knowledge of your Majesty's sympathy shall reach all for whom it is intended." Queen Alexandara telegraphed as follows:-"It is with feelings of the deepest sorrow that I hear of the Terrible disaster to the Titanc and of the awful loss of life. My heart is full of grief and sympathy for the bereaved families of those who have perished." The King has sent a most sympathetic message to the President of the United States, to which President Taft has replied in similar terms. Other messages ahve been received by the White Star Line from the Emperor William, the Duke of Connaught, and many other exalted personages.