Titanic and Southampton

Titanic menu sells for £60,000 while locker key fetches £62,000 at auction

Daily Echo:

9:36am Sunday 19th October 2014

A menu form the Titanic sold for£60,000 while a locker key for the doomed ship fetched £62,000 at auction.

Last letter written on Titanic sells for world record

Daily Echo: The £100,000 final letter written on Titanic up for auction

8:11am Sunday 27th April 2014

The last letter known to be written on the ill-fated Titanic sold for a world record at auction yesterday.

The £100,000 final letter written on Titanic up for auction

Daily Echo: The £100,000 final letter written on Titanic up for auction

8:32am Saturday 26th April 2014

The only surviving letter believed to have been written on board Titanic is expected to fetch up to £100,000 when it goes under the hammer today.

Quiet hero of the Titanic disaster

Daily Echo: Sir Arthur Rostron

Compared to Titanic, Cunard’s little ship, Carpathia was an unremarkable vessel, which undertook a remarkable rescue. Keith Hamilton tells the story of the modest Southampton captain who became a hero

Are icebergs still deadly?

Daily Echo: The MS Explorer got into trouble after hitting an iceberg

8:46am Wednesday 18th April 2012

As the world marks the centenary of the Titanic tragedy this weekend, SALLY CHURCHWARD asks whether icebergs like that which fatally cut short the liner’s maiden voyage are a threat to modern shipping

Community of sorrow

Daily Echo: Crowds outside Canute Chambers in 1912

Faces of the relatives gathered outside the White Star Line’s Southampton offices were etched with anguish and despair. Dan Kerins retells the story of when the tragic Titanic news broke

Informing the people of disaster

Daily Echo: How the Southern Daily Echo, Southampton Pictorial and Hampshire Advertiser reported the news of Titanic's sinking

While the long and anxious wait for news engulfed loved ones in Southampton, rescue attempts continued mid-Atlantic in the wake of Titanic’s demise.

The last supper on board Titanic

Daily Echo: Menus from Titanic

Passengers of all classes were well catered for aboard Titanic. Sarah Jones looks at what was on the menu

How society has changed since Titanic’s sailing

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

11:50am Thursday 12th April 2012

Statisticians have joined in with Titanic fever by releasing figures comparing England of 1912 to the modern day.

Epitome of the gilded life

Daily Echo: The replica of Titanic's grand stair case in Belfast

Titanic was seen as the crème de la crème for affluent high society on both sides of the Atlantic, while at the other end of the social spectrum, she was the “ship of dreams” for European emigrants looking for a new, and better life in America. Sarah Jones looks at the opulence and luxury that awaited them on board

So who was Captain Smith?

Daily Echo: Captain Edward J. Smith and his dog.

So who was Captain Edward Smith? Keith Hamilton looks back at the master of Titanic and fascinating quotes from the man himself

Farewell to Titanic

Daily Echo: Sally Churchward stands at the dockside at Berth 44 in Southampton

Ocean Dock in Southampton is a very different place from when Titanic left 100 years ago. But the ghosts of the past remain

Society on the high seas

Daily Echo: ELEGANCE: The stylish Parisian Cafe on board Titanic

9:34am Monday 9th April 2012

The glamour of the Titanic attracted many wealthy and influential figures of the time, with a passenger list reading like a society's who's who.

Titanic: The unseen Daily Echo photographs

Daily Echo: Rare forgotten photo of Titanic taken from Daily Echo archives

Today the daily Echo publishes two photographs taken from onboard Titanic - which have been hidden for a century.

Opportunity aboard Titanic

Daily Echo: Above Bar Street, Southampton, in the early 20th century

Our special Titanic series continues today with a look at how the liner’s arrival in port offered new job opportunities to the people of Southampton

Titanic arrives in Southampton

Daily Echo: Titanic sails up along Southampton Water. Picture from Hampshire Independent, April 6, 1912.

12:40pm Wednesday 4th April 2012

At midnight on April 3, 1912, Titanic came alongside her berth, which only 12 hours before saw the sailing of her sister ship, Olympic. Even the rich and famous amongst the passengers, who were used to expecting the finest things in life, could not fail to be impressed by this lavishly appointed liner. This is how the Daily Echo reported the historic day of arrival.

Titanic sets the seal upon the future of Southampton

Daily Echo: Southampton High Street, pictured in 1908

AS THE nation’s greatest passenger port the people of Southampton were used to seeing the comings and goings of many liners as they criss-crossed the oceans of the world.

Titanic - the disaster Southampton can never forget

Daily Echo: Titanic leaving Belfast

9:57am Monday 2nd April 2012

NOWHERE else felt Titanic’s pain and sorrow so deeply as Southampton, no other individual town or city was indelibly marked by the heartbreaking mourning of hundreds of families all facing an uncertain future without loved ones by their side.

Titanic arrives in Southampton

Daily Echo: Hampshire Chronicle 13th April 1912

AN extract from the Hampshire Chronicle, documenting the arrival of Titanic in Southampton, April 13, 1912.

The arrival of the Titanic

Daily Echo:

4:12pm Monday 2nd April 2007

Quietly and unostentatiously, without any blare of trumpets, the Titanic, the world's latest and biggest ship, steamed up the silent waters of the Solent and docked at Southampton at midnight on Wednesday, taking the same berth in the new wet dock that the Olympic occupied 12 hours before.

Wreck of the Titanic - 1,635 persons drowned

AN extract from the Southern Daily Echo on April 20, 1912.

Some features of the Titanic

4:12pm Monday 2nd October 2006

A STORY FROM the Southern Daily Echo documenting the arrival of Titanic in Southampton in April 1912.

Wreck of the Titanic

4:10pm Monday 2nd October 2006

AN extract from the Hampshire Chronicle on April 20, 1912


4:08pm Monday 2nd October 2006

Throughout the whole of Tuesay London lived in an atmosphere of suspense waiting for the wireless messages which came through the air with their words of comfort or desolation, or, almost worst still, bringing neither the one nor the other, but leaving a sharper pain of gnawing anxiety in the hearts of those whose near and dear ones were on the doomed vessel.

The Hampshire Independent: A HUGE CALAMITY

Daily Echo:

4:06pm Monday 2nd October 2006

The civilised world is suffering from the shock of a huge calamity, the sorrow attending which is brought home with particular force to our own town of Southampton.


4:05pm Monday 2nd October 2006

Among those not accounted for are Mr. W. T. Stead, the famous journalist; Colonel J. J. Astor, the millionaire, whose young bride is saved; Captain E. J. Smith , R.N.R., the commander; Major A. W. Butt, President Taft's aide-de-camp; Mr. Washington Dodge, a Philadelphia millionaire, and his son; Mr Benjamin Guggenheim, a New York ironmaster and financier; Mr. F. D. Millet, the American artist; Mr. Isidor Straus, a wealthy American, and his wife; and Mr. George D. Widener, a United States railway magnate, and Mr. Harry Widener.


4:04pm Monday 2nd October 2006

A Standard New York cablegram, dated New York, Tuesday, says:- "The most appalling disaster in Mercantile Marine history has resulted, so far as can at present be ascertained, in the death of 1,252 souls and the rescue of 868. All the latter are on board the Carpathia, slowly making her way towards New York, through the same glacial sea of drifting ice which sent the Titanic to destruction.


4:03pm Monday 2nd October 2006

The whole civilised world has been thrown into grief by the unparalleled disaster to the Titanic, and already this universal feeling has been expressed in a very striking way.


4:03pm Monday 2nd October 2006

The Lord Mayor has opened a Mansion House fund for the relief of the sufferers from the disaster, which is being liberally contributed to. Among the earliest contributions received were sums of 500 guineas from King George and 250 guineas from Queen Mary. Queen Alexandra forwarded £200.


4:01pm Monday 2nd October 2006

How strangely imagination may anticipate history has seldom been more remarkably shown than in the disaster to the Titanic.

Gloom in Southampton

4:09pm Monday 2nd October 2006

A CUTTING from the Southern Daily Echo on Thursday, April 18, 1912.


4:00pm Monday 2nd October 2006

The tragic fate of the Titanic naturally recalls other great disasters within memory. In the past twenty years the principal wrecks have been as follows:- H.M.S. Victoria, sunk after collision with H.M.S. Camperdown, June 22nd, 1893 ... 359 Elbe, sunk off Lowestoft, Jan 30, 1895 ... 334 Reina Regente, Spanish cruiser, wrecked of Cape Trafalgar, March 10, 1895 ... 400 Colinia, wrecked off coast of Mexico, May 27, 1895 ... 108 Drummond Castle, wrecked off Ushant, June 16, 1896 ... 247 Salier, wrecked off north coast of Spain, December 7, 1896 ... 289 La Bourgoyne, sunk after collision in Atlantic, July 4, 1898 ...546 Mohegan, wrecked on Manacles, October 14, 1898 ... 107 Stella, wrecked off Casquets, March 30, 1899 ... 105 City of Rio de Janeiro, wrecked off San Francisco, February 22, 1901 ... 122 Asian, Turking transport, wrecked in Red Sea, April 1, 1901 ... 180 Govermorta, lost in cyclone, Bay of Bengal, May 6, 1902 ... 739 General Slocum, burned, Long Island Sound, June 15, 1904 ... 1020 Mikasa, Admiral Togo's flagship, sunk by explosion in her magazine, September 10, 1905 ... 599 Hilda, wrecked off St. Malo, November 19, 1905 ... 128 Berlin, Great Eastern Harwich boat, driven by a violent gale on to a pier at the Hook of Holland, and totally lost, February 21, 1907 ... 141


3:58pm Monday 2nd October 2006

The first intimation in Winchester of the sad news of the wreck of the liner Titanic was received at the office of the Hampshire Chronicle at 10.44 a.m. on Monday morning, the following being a copy of the Central News telegram posted in our window shortly afterwards:- "To Chronicle, Winchester.

A LULLABY: APRIL 15th, 1912

3:57pm Monday 2nd October 2006

Ye mourners, be strong, be strong! Sing them a lullaby-song! They gave-thy men so brave- Themselves in a glorious trying, now richa nd poor are lying, Engulphed in a common gave.


3:56pm Monday 2nd October 2006

To the Editor of the Hampshire Chronicle...


4:01pm Wednesday 27th September 2006

SIR,-The appalling catastrophe of the loss of "The Titanic" with such a huge loss of life has stirred the hearts of the people of our own and of all nations.

Mutiny at White Star

Daily Echo: The White Star Liner Olympic, sister-ship of the ill-fated Titanic.

3:59pm Wednesday 27th September 2006

LOCAL interest in the awful Titanic disaster is for the moment transferred to the sister of that ill-fated ship, the Olympic.

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