LIKE thousands of young people across Hampshire, she is in the catch 22 position of not having enough experience for the job of her dreams – when all she wants is her foot on the career ladder.

But Aisling Mullan said she is not going to let this stop her gaining work as she joins the Daily Echo’s Give Me a Chance campaign aimed at helping youngsters find work in the worst job’s market for generations.

“I always try and stay positive,” said Aisling, who has been looking for work since February.

“I like working, I would rather be out there working and learning new things and getting the chance to be part of a large company.”

Chiefly, the 23-year-old, who lives in Southampton, wants to work her way up the career ladder of an office. She is looking for an admin, receptionist or PA/secretary post.

During her schooling in Ireland she received a Higher Certificate in Science in Computer Application and after that she studied computer applications in college.

She said: “I've worked a lot in retail but would prefer to work in an administration role.

“I may not have experience, however I make up for that with eagerness and the drive to learn and succeed.

“I have good communication skills, am a fast learner, aim high, aim to make all goals giving to me, always willing to help team members. I love the prospect of a challenging career.”