ROLL up, roll up for the Moscow State Circus’s most spectacular show to date!

The world-famous troupe is bringing their latest extravaganza, Babushkin Sekret, to Southampton’s Mayflower Park next week.

Inspired by the Russian story The Twelve Chairs, some of the greatest circus performers today will take audiences on an incredible journey.

The show includes the beautiful queen of Russian circus Yana Alievia on a revolving aerial chandelier; the Whirlwind Rubsovs who acrobatically catapult themselves at breakneck speed across the stage; the gyrating, juggling Sherbakovs; and the hilarious trampoline capers of Professor Balakov.

If all this isn’t enough to have you sat on the edge of your seat, then the awardwinning clowns Valik and Valerik will have you falling off them with laughter.

Starting on Wednesday at 5pm, there will be 12 Moscow State Circus performances over six days.

Visit moscowstate for further details.