Jagex have today launched a brand new Summer Strike competition for their free to play multiplayer game War of Legends. Those who establish themselves as being legendary enough will even be in with the chance of winning some epic prizes.

Summer Strike lasts for 30 days, and features sped-up play to enable the accelerated progressing of building, training and research. It's fast paced war, blink and you're done for.

Amongst the prizes is the Tyrant armour as well the opportunity to help Jagex design new Legends. Prizes will be given for individual rankings, along with the highest ranked cities, Legends and alliances. All-in-all, there's over $200,000 of in-game items to be won.

As though all this wasn't enough, any WoLCash (War of Legends currency) bought during this time by anybody taking part in Summer Strike will be quadrupled.

But remember - only the strongest are destined for survival, and only the best will win prizes.


War of Legends can be downloaded for free from the Jagex website.