ANOTHER karaoke game, another sore throat, another complaint from the neighbours. Apart from the guys at number 32, who doesn’t love a singalong?

Something I noticed some time ago and something which should come as no surprise to the masses is that karaoke games are only ever as strong as the songs which accompany them. A good selection of on-disc tracks is a necessity, and a good selection of downloadable tracks can be a blessing.

With 35 on-disc tracks, Everyone Sing already houses a decent selection of music, and because it spans various decades, it’s accessible to people of all ages.

Up to four microphones can be connected at once with backing sections available as well as the lead vocals. Pass the Bomb and Tug of War are just a couple of the various modes which help to add variety to the party play and make the mutiplayer madness come alive.

It’s a good starting point for Oxygen Games to get into the games console karaoke world, but to compete against giants like Lips or Singstar is going to take more effort – these games already have a huge back catalogue of songs, ready for download. It hasn’t necessarily got the bells and whistles of these either.

But with the official videos to accompany the songs and accurate interactions with the singing, Everyone Sing has scope to grow.

There’s potential here. A host of downloadable songs would project it to much higher levels.

Everyone Sing can be purchased with the microphones or as a stand-alone game. If you have the official Microsoft mics, there’s no reason to make the purchase – they’ll work perfectly.

RATING: 6/10