Genre: Action

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: LucasArts

Rating: 16+ (BBFC)

THE Staff of Kings isn’t a game about the Kings entourage of butlers, his kitchen crew or any other employee of royalty. It’s about the other type of staff, the nobbly-bobbly wooden stick that one may associate with Gandalf or Merlin.

It’s 1939 and our pal Indy is back on a brand new adventure that sees him traverse the globe in order to find an artefact of biblical proportions – the staff of Moses. But as always, the creaky, dusty and trap ridden path is not going to be easy, especially with nemesis Magnus Völler involved.

Even casual gamers could play their way through the whole adventure in just a couple of evenings. But although the game is short, it’s always fun to play as the legendary Dr Jones and it provides some very light, clean and harmless entertainment.

The gameplay itself though can be uninspiring because of the comically bad action sequences and the insultingly easy and repetitive puzzles that prevent the game from being the enigma that many of its predecessors were.

But who cares that this latest Indiana Jones game only just about whips itself into the right side of average?

The answer – nobody!

And that’s simply because one of the games unlockables is the full game of LucasArts classic point-and-click adventure Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. A reason why even the most hard to please gamer will not have a problem with adventuring through The Staff of Kings in order to unearth this most beautiful relic.