Platform: PlayStation 3 Publisher: Sony Rating: 7 (PEGI) Genre: Puzzle LIKE Mary and Joseph 2,012 years ago, you could also be the happy recipient of a bundle of joy this Christmas. This compilation of puzzle games could be a true gift from the gods.

Tumble takes a simple idea but creates something more addictive than MSG coated treats. Using the Move controller, blocks of variable size, density and weight are picked up and placed with much needed accuracy and care to form the tallest tower possible.

Points are rewarded depending on how high players can build.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

There are levels that involve getting around obstacles, solving sums, and lots more.

Echochrome 2 is unique and an absolute wonder to play, it uses the Move in such a creative way, it’s hard not to be overcome by the sheer brilliance of it all.

A mannequin walks from one side of the map to another whilst you, the player, use the Move to point at the screen as though it were a torch. When the light is shone upon the map, shadows will form pathways for the mannequin to walk along. It’s all about finding the right path using the Move controller as a light source.

With three modes of play, a level creation tool and an online public gallery, there’s plenty of puzzling fun for players to cast some light on.

Lemmings is the one slight letdown to the entire package – it’s the one that grabs the entire compendium and heads for the nearest cliff.

But that’s what gamers need to prevent, they need to turn their constantly marching lemmings into builders, blockers, tunnellers and more, in an effort to keep them out of harm’s way and get them safely to the exit. It’s a game where quick thinking and fast fingers are a must.

It’s an old game going back decades, a re-envisioning of a much-loved classic brought up to date to incorporate the technology of the Move. But does it work? In short – no. Using a mouse is more accurate, whilst a simplified controller version works much better on a console.

It’s not quite the holy trinity we hoped for, let down only by Lemmings. But both the heavenly Tumble and the divine Echochrome 2 make it well worth the £17.99 price tag.

Rating: 7/10