Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS

Available For: Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: SEGA

Genre: Mini-Games

Age: 3 (PEGI)

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Once sworn enemies, Mario and Sonic are now good friends. But Mario and Sonic clearly still have a touch of suppressed rivalry, and to be honest, when it comes down to a notoriously fast hedgehog and a fat Italian plumber doing the 100 meters – I know who I've got my money on.

But the 100 meters is not the only sport going on for the dynamic duo and their friends, far from it in fact. There are 60 events altogether, ranging from 1000 meter kayak to weightlifting. Making the most of the Nintendo 3DS and it's functionalities, each of the events provides a completely unique way for the player to interact. Whether it's blowing into the microphone to put wind in the sails of a sail-boat, or tilting the system backwards and forwards to intrepidly edge towards or away from an enemy in a fencing duel, the diversity really is astounding.

Each of the events is not necessarily rich with gamplay, but as far as mini-games go, there amongst some of the best I've ever played. Many are fairly basic in execution but serve their purpose impeccably.

Each event can be played individually or as part of a medley of games. This medley can be one of the pre-defined collections already available, or can be user created. In fact, if you're particularly pleased with one of your medley's, you can trade it with a friend and vice-versa.

As well as a variable plethora of events, there's also a great selection of familiar characters to get to grips with. Whether you're a Team Sonic or Team Mario man, there's plenty to choose from including Donkey Kong, Wario, Tails and Dr. Eggman to name but a few.

There's unfortunately no online multiplayer, although there is local multiplayer for friends, whether they have a copy of the game not.

Unlike many 3DS games, Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games utilises the 3D capabilities of the hand-held perfectly. It's never too much to make players squint like a goggleless alpine skier on a sunny day, nor is it too subtle to even be seen. The balance is just right.

Despite there being an amazing collection of mini-games on offer as well as the familiar characters, the story mode mode is unintentionally droll because of it's cheesy nothingness. Sure, it's great to see places like Hyde Park mentioned in a video game, but a story centralising around a fog that could potentially ruin the games was never going to set the world on fire.

But through all my smacking down of the story mode, it's a small insignificant part of the collection and it does nothing to bitter the tastes of the fruitful bounty of mini-games. Plus it has both Mario and Sonic – what could be better?

SCORE: 8 / 10

PROS: Large selection of events and characters, great variation in gameplay.

CONS: A complete pants storyline, no online multiplayer.