AIRPORTS in the south of England are set to see an increase in the number of passengers flying to Benidorm this summer, a recent survey has found.

The Spanish coastal town is renowned for being a popular destination with British tourists, and figures show that over 65% of those asked in the south have visited, or are looking to visit, the area.

The average southerner has been to Benidorm just the once, yet 7% are said to have been over six times.

In a study commissioned by into why the British public have a love affair with Benidorm, the majority of participants commented that the weather was the main reason for wanting to holiday in the region.

Over the peak tourism months of May to September, Benidorm’s average temperature stands at 22.8 degrees, with the hottest periods coming in July and August.

Although it may not seem as warm as other traditional European holiday locations such as Greece and the Canary Islands, the coastal town still gets over 12 hours of sunshine a day over holiday season.

Factoring in the bearable heat was a prominent theme for those asked with children, as 10% felt Benidorm was perfect for a family fun holiday.

Daily Echo: Benidorm beach life
Activities on the beach in Bendorm

As well as having a fine coastline, the resort is full of activities suitable for tourists of all ages, with the Benidorm’s waterparks and theme parks being popular choices with those asked in Gala’s study.

Although those who took part in the survey from across the south coast could enjoy a beach break in Britain, with the likes of Southampton, Brighton and Cornwall all being popular choices, over 50% felt that a holiday to Benidorm offered better value for money than vacationing in the United Kingdom.

Tourists can fly to Benidorm’s neighbouring Alicante Airport from Southampton for £200 return, however Bournemouth International and all London terminals offer deals close to £100.

A round trip from Southampton to Cornwall by car measures close to 350 miles, so once the cost of petrol is taking into consideration, the fees would not be dramatically different.

Despite the region’s value for money and fantastic weather, Gala’s research found that of those asked from Southampton and the neighbouring areas, almost 20% wanted to visit the town purely because of the ITV television comedy Benidorm.

More surprisingly however, 6% felt they would rather holiday in Benidorm than the likes of France, Las Vegas and even Australia.

The study also revealed that 6% of those currently living the in south of England would happily live in Benidorm all year round, but this is said to be a trend with the more elderly members of society.