IS FATHER Christmas my new best friend or what? I am taking maximum advantage of the big man in red and his power to bring joy to the good children of the world and misery to those who are not.

The threat of Ben being left empty-handed is being used indiscriminately by his mum as its power seems to know no bounds.

I thought it might wear off after a while but Ben is convinced I have a hot line to Mr S Claus.

He has certainly got the hang of Christmas this year, the television has become a foe of late as it continues to offer all manner of goodies under the sun.

After almost every advert I can guarantee that Ben will announce “I want that for Christmas”.

Even the obvious girl toys, like the life-sized Shetland pony complete with stable door, prompted “I want the boy one of those”.

Katie, by comparison, has no such high demands being a tender seven weeks old. There really isn’t much that she could want as her basic needs are all being met. Short of wrapping up a tub of Sudocrem there isn’t much that would brighten her day.

Having said that the smiles are coming thick and fast, which makes it all a bit more worthwhile. However, her insistence to pursue a nocturnal way of life is beginning to grate a little. I wouldn’t mind if she was showing at least a small sign of improvement but apart from the odd night of a good four-hour stretch she is not settling into a routine. We will press on nonetheless in the hope that tonight will be the night.

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