DUNCAN Beiny (aka DJ Yoda) is no ordinary scratch DJ. He’s been named one of the top ten DJs to see before you die and has incorporated a myriad of musical styles into his widely acclaimed releases.

The latest, new album Chop Suey, includes a wide array of talent and his trailblazing live sets are truly cutting edge.

You must be really pleased with the reaction to Chop Suey. How did the col¬ laborations come about?

“It took so long, it took me years, much longer than it should have taken. But I wanted it to be perfect. It’s music I like to play regularly and the music I grew up with. I wanted it to represent all my different influ¬ ences. It’s got Boy George, Kid Creole and Michael Wilslow (the Police Academy voice effects king) who were my 80s heroes while growing up and then in the 90s I was so into hip hop and Greg Nice. Then there’s more up to date stuff like Roots Manuva. I made a list of peo¬ ple I wanted to work with for whatever reason and ticked them off one by one!

You’ve been playing some huge arenas this year, how do they compare to a more intimate gig like Orange Rooms?

“Yeah I’ve had the most amazing gigs in South America and there was one in Italy that was so big that I couldn’t even see the crowd! There was 20,000 people and you feel so far removed from the crowd that it’s like DJing in your bed¬ room on your own!

It will be great to be back somewhere like Orange Rooms which is much better. It’s a lot more about the impact at a festival. Clubs are much more intimate.”

You’ve been named one of the top DJs to see before you die. Who else should we be looking out for?“I really like Kayper – she’s a very under-rated hip- hop/R&B DJ with more skills than 99 per cent of the male DJs she’s up against.”

What are your future plans for 2013 and beyond?

“2013 is shaping up to be very busy with everything associated with Chop Suey. I’ll be going to Australia, New Zealand and America and I have lots of ideas for new things to keep it interesting!”