THE “voice of the 80s”, Garry Christian, opened the show with a joke calling the crowd “gluttons for punishment”.

However, what The Christians had to offer was far from punishing...

Garry kept the audience at the Brook laughing, in between performing hits such as Born Again, In the Bottle, Words and Hooverville.

Despite slight technical problems concerning the monitors, the band were tight and Garry’s voice proved it has stood the test of time. He might have complained about feeling the effects of old age, but they didn’t appear to limit him in anyway.

The crowd burst into applause as the band asked them to raise their glasses to the next 25 years, before launching into their first single Forgotten Town.

Foam rained down as they followed it with the lively Here Comes the Sun, prompting whoops from the audience.

By the end, the whole room was dancing and the floor was shaking from the stamping feet. Everyone was involved and the shouts for an encore were echoing around the room.

The Christians didn’t disappoint.

They finished their 90 minute set with their famous cover Harvest for the World.

As the show came to an end, Garry asked for everyone to write on their website: “Just write, ‘You’ve still got it, after 25 years...even if you think we don’t!’” Upon checking the site on my return home, it had crashed due to the volume of traffic.

It’s safe to assume everyone felt The Christians definitely still have it.