OH, Ting Tings, how you have restored my faith in you.

As far as gestation periods go, The Ting Tings Difficult Second Album has got to be up there with the elephant.

But on this evidence, Sounds From Nowheresville is going to be worth waiting for.

Their new stuff has a heavier, rockier sound than their debut album, We Started Nothing, but maintains that poppy, elasticised and edgy sound that catapulted this band to stardom in 2008.

That album - of which almost every tune is now instantly recognisable - was full of great tracks, with a depth belying the fact that there are only two members to this ensemble.

Their next release is now slated for something like spring next year, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that their visit to The Old Fire Station was another notch on their slide back down the pecking order.

But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The duo ooze the sort of quality that only comes from being there and doing it.

Shut your eyes and you could have been listening to a recording, Katie and Jules effortlessly mixed ‘old’ and new, and the new is going to be good, trust me.

As well as delivering faithful versions of singalong tunes like Great DJ, they also wowed the crowd with a dancey version of Hands - an inbetween single released in October 2010.

Shut Up and Let Me Go was a highlight as always, and everyone needs a big drum to smash in their living room if you ask me.

So, with this gig The Ting Tings have, for me, gone from one-album wonders to having something of a bright future.

Camp Bestival organiser Rob Da Bank would do well to bag them on the bill for next year’s event and bring this highly-polished live band to a wider Dorset audience.