THE silent streets of Northam after the sinking, the anxious relatives awaiting news from the sticken vessel and the Echo headlines of the day.

This is very much Southampton’s story of those fateful days surrounding the arrival of RMS Titanic at the Docks, its subsequent departure on its illfated maiden voyage and the aftermath for the city that lost more than 500 men overnight.

Twenty-three original songs paint a picture of Hampshire in 1912 and show how events unfolded from the perspective of the crew and those they left behind.

There’s everything from views from the lifeboat to an onboard love story and from a lullaby to the story behind the huge charity effort and building of the Titanic Memorial from a talented 11-strong band of musicians put together specifically as the centenary of Titanic’s sinking approached.

The White Star Line Up, who first performed the show two yaers ago and have been perfecting it ever since, were hugely well received by a sold out audience including the Mayor of Southampton, Cllr Terry Matthews, and received a heartfelt standing ovation following the show’s final poignant song April in Southampton.

Central to the tale is look out Fred Fleet, the first man to spot the iceberg and later a Daily Echo newspaper vendor, and it was in his likely words that the show ended with a loud and proud singalong rendition of Say The Word.

Look Out is an informative, entertaining and moving look at the lasting impact of the worst ever maritime disaster on the place it hurt the most.