Richard Graham who grew up in Winchester and attended Winchester university has written and illustrated his first children’s book.

And it has already received high praise from Snowman’s author and illustrator Raymond Briggs who calls it an “Astounding piece of work” !

The Cranky Caterpillar will be published by Thames and Hudson in the UK on Thursday September 14 as well as in the US next month.

It tells the story of Ezra who hears a gloomy blue tune coming from the piano. To her surprise, it's a caterpillar making the sound…a cranky caterpillar. Ezra tries to cheer him up with some fresh air, cakes, and new hats, but nothing seems to work...What can Ezra do to help the cranky caterpillar change his tune?

Author and artist Richard Graham will show children the magical colours of music in this beautifully illustrated story with a very distinct style. Taking inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky’s colour synesthesia, The Cranky Caterpillar takes its young readers on a journey alongside the Caterpillar as he struggles to articulate his emotions, and delights in his inventive band of friends that finally succeed in cheering him up.

Raymond Briggs calls it an “Astounding piece of work”

Richard Graham studied Art History at the University of Liverpool before completing a Masters in Creative and Critical writing at Winchester University. His studies have informed his innovative approach to creating his artworks. He starts with sculpting a character from found objects and upcycled materials and once the sculpture is complete, he then writes a story surrounding the sculpture, bringing it to life through illustration and animation. It was the hammers inside an old piano that inspired The Cranky Caterpillar!

Alongside his business Richard also runs a successful design studio Make It which creates various structures, set designs and exhibition pieces and for major retailers, brands and events.

The Cranky Caterpillar, suitable for ages 3 + is available from all good book stores nationwide and