LUCY Porter is set to embark on a national tour with her smash hit Edinburgh Fringe show Choose Your Battles, visiting two Hampshire venues in 2018.

Have you ever wished you’d told that awful boss where to stick that lousy job? Dumped an ex before they dumped you? Not backed down when someone nicked your parking space? Life is full of arguments we wish we’d had, or wish we’d won, but it’s also common to regret confrontation.

As someone with a lifelong fear of making a scene, Lucy Porter has always erred on the side of caution when it comes to conflict. When she was a single, self-employed, stand-up comedian, it was never that much of a problem. Now that Lucy’s a wife, mother and pillar of the local community, she is finding it a lot tougher. If your child refuses to go to a wedding unless dressed as The Incredible Hulk, what should you do? Lucy decided to take the path of least resistance, only to be faced with a tearful bride and a bill for ruined wedding photos.

Using secret ballots, visual aids and a punch bag with the face of Mary Berry, Lucy works out (with the audience’s help) when she should stick to her guns and fight, and when she can use her disarming charm to defuse a situation.

See her at Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham on February 3 and Forest Arts in New Milton on February 17.

Tickets from and 01329 223100 (Fareham) or 01425 619983 (New Milton).