FINE art, sculptures, photography, illustrations, print making and video installations were all exhibited in the MA final degree exhibition at the Winchester School of Art, which displayed the very best of students’ work.

Creative offerings from the Masters courses in advertising, design, fashion, luxury brands and textiles were also represented.

Larger than life wooden sculptures of humans, an innovative business plan to reinvent the identity of Winchester and a photography project on the natural development of a baby were particularly eye catching parts of the exhibition.

Student Tal Goren photographed her newborn child each day for the first eighty one days of its life.

She captured each tiny development of her child, Yonaton, who was born on April 6 2012 for her 81 Days of Life.

She wanted to explore the idea of government states officially tracking a population. In retaliation to this idea, she decided to ‘track’ her own child.

Ms Goren described her aims: “Documentation surrounds us from day one.

Doctors and government officials watch us, monitor us and document us from the day we are born.”

The MA degree show is on at Winchester School of Art in Park Avenue until Thursday.