AS if pretty much the entire world wasn’t already in love with Adele, she’s surpassed even herself this week.

Grammy night was the big one. It was the chance to prove the down to earth girl from London could also be the darling of America. And it was her return to the stage following vocal cord surgery towards the end of last year.

Adele scooped six awards, blubbed her way through a touching acceptance speech, definitely more Hackney than Hollywood, and totally rocked her hit Rolling In The Deep.

What’s more she was the belle of the ball in a stunning, and slimming, black number. I can just imagine her giving a theoretical two fingers to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, who recently described her as fat.

We’ve since heard rumours Adele gifted everyone in her record company – from chairman to cleaner – £1,000 as sales of her album spiralled.

Her girl next door, rags to riches tale is a refreshing one in the week that we saw the death of Whitney Houston, yet another outstanding yet deeply troubled musical talent taken far too soon.

But the 2012 Grammy Goddess appears to be a great role model who, judging by her biggest hits, seems to positively thrive on heartbreak.

Quite frankly, she can do no wrong.

Long may it continue.

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