IT’S the closest I’m ever likely to get to having my name up in bright lights.

Not a seasoned performer by any stretch of the imagination, I was certainly thrown in at the deep end yesterday.

I actually had a part in the smash hit musical comedy Sister Act, one of my favourite shows of all time, at The Mayflower.

It all came about when I was interviewing some of the cast backstage in Bristol, completely wired from having seen this dazzling show in all its glory.

Fast forward a few months and I was reviewing the show this week, deciding it perhaps wasn’t such a good idea to have agreed to make my stage debut in front of 1,500 people in a real spectacular alongside the likes of seasoned professionals Denise Black and Michael Starke and the hugely talented newcomer Cynthia Erivo.

I knew I was to walk into a bar dressed in 70s gear, dance at the jukebox, offer to buy a round with an American accent and witness a fight involving a drag queen and three nuns on the run.

Despite the nerves at the organised chaos backstage, once I was under the lights I loved every moment of my appearance.

My lovely chaperone for the day, resident director Mark Hilton, had to pretty much drag me off of stage.

And as for my beautiful specially made long red wig, well I never want to let that go.

I don’t think I’ll be getting my Equity card just yet, but it was great fun all the same.

l To read more about Lorelei’s stint on stage and see all the backstage pictures, see tomorrow’s Daily Echo.

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