AT first glance, they appeared to have been naughty boys given an Asbo.

But the lads from JLS, who began their latest tour last night, have been told to stay outside a five-mile radius of venues they are playing on their 4th Dimension dates – by their insurers.

Apparently, they had had enough of coughing up thousands of pounds for damage after various incidents including one fan breaking onto the JLS tour bus with ‘Happy Birthday Ortise’ written on her naked torso and another climbing over the balcony into Aston’s bedroom.

I can’t say I’m surprised.

During a mad 48 hours in Berlin with The Chippen-dales, I saw girls risk life and limb chasing the tour bus through the streets of the city and even scaling the outside of a city centre hotel.

In Estonian capital Tallinn, where they are particularly popular, the Jedward twins could barely move for the number of girls in our hotel lobby and we could barely sleep for their screaming.

I doubt a move of a few miles will stop them. Well, not if my most embarrassing case of hotel stalking is anything to go by.

There we were, relaxing in the lovely spa at Whittlebury Hall near Silverstone, chilling out ahead of a packed weekend seeing Take That at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Who should appear but Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen?

I’m ashamed to admit it, but my towelling robe and comfy slippers turned running gear as I – and dozens of other 20 and 30 something women – chased them down the corridor as fast as our rejuvenated legs would carry us.

Scoping your favourite band out in a country retreat seems like more of a challenge!

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