HE’S young, gifted – and very, very rich!

No wonder Craig David comes under so much criticism. Everyone’s jealous it seems.

The Sunday Times Young Rich List has been published and Southampton’s best known export is the top male musician with an £8m fortune, just about saving face for the men in a poll dominated by Adele, Cheryl Cole and other members of the fairer sex.

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea of course and nor are his enduring hits Rewind, Fill Me In and Seven Days, which still seemed to be played at my gym with alarming regularity. Plus the Bo Selecta caricature did make him somewhat of a laughing stock. But he’s obviously invested well. Either that or somewhere in the world someone hasn’t yet bought Born To Do It, which seems fairly unlikely.

I’ve met Craig, during an intimate appearance in the concourse at St Mary’s Stadium. He’s hardworking, personable and lovely to talk to. I have to say, I don’t begrudge him a penny of it.

I only wish there were more Southampton success stories like his. I would just ask that perhaps he stops spending so much of that cash in Miami and sends some of it home.

We could do with some other fancy attractions to go with our super duper new museum.

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