Single in the City with Simon Carr

It’s goodbye from me...

Daily Echo: Be a beach beauty

8:55am Wednesday 6th July 2011

BY the time you read this, I’ll be gone.

Ooh la la – a little language problem

Daily Echo: Wine review: Burgundy

3:49pm Tuesday 28th June 2011

STUNNING landscapes, fine wines and one extremely hot woman. These are just a few of the delights of a recent trip to the French region of Burgundy.

Reports of my death...

Daily Echo: An awkward date for Simon Carr

11:50am Tuesday 21st June 2011

I WAS idly flicking through the obituaries some time ago when I came across something that made me stop in my tracks – my photograph.

Making a meal of things

Daily Echo: Sweet Potato Burger, with Griddled Pineapple and a Chilli Salsa

I HAVE had a week filled with birthdays, pregnancies and random celebrations.

It's a beautfiul world

Daily Echo: Tessa Crawford, Miss Southampton 2011

I have always found it strange that beauty pageants evoke such fierce emotion in people.

Honesty is the best policy

Daily Echo: CENTRE OF ATTENTION: Ryan Giggs

AN old adage says honesty is always the best policy.

Born to be the Godfather

Daily Echo: The Godfather: the most 'bluffed' about film

11:14am Tuesday 24th May 2011

I HAVE to rid myself of all my sleaze and crassness.

On yer bike

Daily Echo: Security bicycle marking on offer in Highbridge

6:21pm Tuesday 17th May 2011

THIS week I have become worried about my dwindling fitness levels.

Counting the cost of being tight

Daily Echo: Blackburn man arrested in £1m fake money probe

9:44am Tuesday 10th May 2011

SOME people have a strange attitude to money. I am very bad in this area – I can spend £20 walking down the road and yet have nothing to show for it.

Why I shelled out for a turtle suit

Daily Echo: Simon Carr as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

1:50pm Tuesday 3rd May 2011

I HATE fancy dress parties. I don’t like putting on costumes, wearing make-up or contributing to someone else’s contrived idea of wackiness.

Meeting Katie

Daily Echo: No further action will be taken by police over a burn Katie Price's daughter received while in her care

11:25am Tuesday 12th April 2011

MEETING Katie Price was an interesting experience.

The suspense is killing me

Daily Echo: George Clooney and Renee Zellweger star in romantic comedy Leatherheads

12:36pm Tuesday 5th April 2011

IT is often said the waiting game is the hardest to play.

Yachty hotties

Daily Echo: Yachty hotties at Cowes

2:33pm Tuesday 29th March 2011

THERE is a kind of woman who I can immediately tell is a boat person.

Milking it for all it’s worth

Daily Echo: Milking it for all it’s worth

10:00am Tuesday 22nd March 2011

IT was a beautiful summer’s day.

Selling myself short

Daily Echo: Selling myself short

2:14pm Tuesday 15th March 2011

In the long distant days before journalism I had dipped my toe in a few industries.

Why do I do this to myself?

Daily Echo: Why do I do this to myself?

1:58pm Tuesday 8th March 2011

These were the words going through my mind as I peered over the edge of the tower with what was essentially a large elastic band around my ankles.

A very sick boy

Daily Echo: A very sick boy

11:38am Tuesday 1st March 2011

THIS week I have been very sick. I have had a cold and a bad back. I suspect these conditions are interrelated.

Simon gets fishy

Daily Echo: Simon gets fishy

11:43am Tuesday 22nd February 2011

EVERYONE has parts of their body they are unhappy with.

Cream of the crop

Daily Echo: Cream of the crop

3:10pm Tuesday 8th February 2011

Ah the country – fresh air, animals … and hot women.

A question of attitude

Daily Echo: A question of attitude

3:08pm Tuesday 1st February 2011

WHO would have thought an off-colour conversation would have started a chain of events destined to have such consequences?

Approaching the end of my shelf life

Daily Echo: Approaching the end of my shelf life

5:07pm Tuesday 25th January 2011

“But what if I get left on the shelf?”

Not such a bad year

Daily Echo: Not such a bad year

2:48pm Tuesday 4th January 2011

So there we have it. Yet another new year I have seen in as a singleton. However, this time around I refused to be a victim of the cruel date.

Single in the mistletoe season

Daily Echo: Single in the mistletoe season

1:04pm Wednesday 29th December 2010

“We met in winter, and we fell in love…”

Brushing off the cold shoulder

Daily Echo: Not a bus in sight

2:20pm Tuesday 7th December 2010

THE first snowflake that hits the grounds affects children and adults differently.

Engaging thoughts

Daily Echo: NO PRESSURE THEN! Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton at St James’s Palace on Tuesday

10:35am Tuesday 23rd November 2010

ON FIRST hearing about the royal wedding many people thought about love, the future of the monarchy and a possible extra bank holiday.

First class male

Daily Echo: First class male

11:08am Tuesday 16th November 2010

The other day I did something I swore I would never do.

Simon's full of beans

Daily Echo: Simon's full of beans

1:32pm Tuesday 9th November 2010

THE ability to make the perfect cup of coffee. This is a skill few realise the importance of and even less possess.

Was it all just an act?

Daily Echo: We even had to arm wrestle – I beat her

2:32pm Tuesday 2nd November 2010

A PROSTITUTE, a murder and a tiny vial of blood.

Giddy up, cowboy

Daily Echo: For filmmakers, southern Spain was cowboy country

1:41pm Friday 22nd October 2010

SITTING astride my stallion, I watched a blazing red sun sink behind the mountains and manfully tilted my hat.

The great outdoors? No thanks.

Daily Echo: Not sure the great outdoors and myself are the best of companions...

2:21pm Tuesday 12th October 2010

“I like a man who likes the outdoors.” I watched as the other attractive women in the group nodded in agreement.

Not so lucky dip

4:39pm Tuesday 5th October 2010

SOME TIME ago I was given a book called A List of Things to Do Before You Die.

Our Simon tries to look good on the dance floor

Daily Echo: Renata Nunez teaches Simon Carr some new tricks  on the dance floor

12:23pm Tuesday 21st September 2010

“YOU can tell a lot about what a man is like in bed by the way he dances.”

Time to bring false friends to book

Daily Echo: Too many friends

12:01pm Tuesday 14th September 2010

IT is one of the most chilling of children’s tales. A man tortured by ghoulish apparitions from his past.

Braving the shark infested waters of spirituality

Daily Echo: The super pod consisted of adult and juvenile dolphins. Pic Richard Crossen

12:41pm Tuesday 7th September 2010

I WAS called spiritually bankrupt this week.

Weaving a tangled web

Daily Echo: Weaving a tangled web

11:10am Tuesday 31st August 2010

“Why do you want to put a poisonous tarantula on your head?”

Putting the (toilet) lid on domestic bliss

Daily Echo: Men leaving the toilet seat up is their most annoying habit, according to a survey of women

5:58pm Tuesday 24th August 2010

I WAS thumbing through my anthology of singles columns and chuckling at the humorous nuggets within when I noticed something troubling.

Trying to keep cool in sunglasses

Daily Echo: Bono apologised about swearing live on air

9:50am Wednesday 18th August 2010

“SO.... if you saw a man put on sunglasses would you assume he was doing it just so he could watch you jiggle?”

Close shave before Aussie date

Daily Echo: Dannii Minogue has apparently recorded songs written by Ruth Lorenzo

5:44pm Wednesday 11th August 2010

CLAMMY, ruffled and reeking of the public. This was no condition in which to be going on a date.

Instant attraction

Daily Echo: Instant attraction

12:02pm Tuesday 3rd August 2010

IT is more than 350 years since the first cheerful little coffee bean found its way to British shores.

It’s do or DIY in a bid to become ‘handy’

Daily Echo: A bit of DIY called for

10:21am Tuesday 27th July 2010

I have reached that age. All men know it is there on the horizon.

Animal attraction

Daily Echo: Animal attraction

2:13pm Tuesday 20th July 2010

THE destination for the first date is perilous decision that could make or break a fledgling romantic acquaintance, or at least increase the amount of time it takes before you achieve victory.

A bit of ssshhh please!

Daily Echo: A bit of shhh please!

11:21am Tuesday 13th July 2010

IT was a fine summer’s evening as I put the ice cold beer to my lips.

Animated attraction

Daily Echo: He-Man

11:52am Friday 9th July 2010

WHEN you are little, cartoons are the best thing in the world. I remember as a toddler being appalled when my programming was interrupted by sport, sitcoms or heaven forbid, news.

The sexy footie fans

Daily Echo: The sexy footie fans

4:26pm Tuesday 29th June 2010

A SEA of red and white shirts and a jam-packed pub. This was no surprise, as many of those were hot women wrapped in flags and covered in face paint.

Adding some celebrity sparkle

Daily Echo: Matt Le Tissier

1:31pm Tuesday 22nd June 2010

“FAME is the perfume of heroic deeds.”

Training to become an artbreaker

Daily Echo: Training to become an artbreaker

10:15am Tuesday 15th June 2010

“French impressionism...I thought that meant there would be a mime.”

With friends like these

Daily Echo: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

6:00pm Sunday 13th June 2010

THE colour pink, chocolate... and now Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hint of romance makes me shy

Daily Echo: An awkward date for Simon Carr

11:44am Tuesday 1st June 2010

THERE has to be a reason for the sorry state of my current affairs.

Ghost of a chance

Daily Echo: Ghost of a chance

12:24pm Tuesday 25th May 2010

“You’ve never seen Ghost?” I was appalled to find anyone of my age could have missed this 80s classic.

Who needs friends? Especially old ones

Daily Echo: Who needs friends? Especially old ones

2:42pm Tuesday 18th May 2010

IT is time for a clear out. Not of the old pizza boxes and random women’s underwear that litter my living quarters. No, it is my social networking site that needs a spring clean.


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