A Brit on Broadway...

HAVING had the process to get here elongated by unforeseen visa delays, I arrived at the start of the month to the hustle and bustle that is Manhattan, New York City to be precise, and my ultimate destination an apartment West on 43rd Street, a five-minute walk from the Imperial Theatre, where I am to make my Broadway debut.

I’m not entirely sure I can put into words the bizarreness that is being here.

Even more bizarre when I realise I have quite a few friends here in musicals already, who have shown me just how amazing this metropolis is and what it has to offer.

They found it very amusing that every now and then I’d blurt out “I’m on Broadway, I’m in New York”. Rehearsals started in earnest the day after my arrival, costumes were fitted, final paperwork for me being able to work here was concluded and then I met the current cast of the 25th anniversary production here on Broadway.
Scary... Not them, but meeting them, but what a welcome. Extremely friendly, excited and above all receptive to my knowledge and experience with the role of Javert and of course this show. It’s been great adapting to the energy and style that is American performers. It allows me to revisit
this role that I’ve played for nearly four years of my career. 

So, my debut looms. I will be performing alongside friends and new friends, on a Broadway stage.
Incredible. It still hasn't sunk in. Knowing me I suspect it’ll sink in at some point. Argh! Exciting.

Stay tuned...