GREAT EXPECTATIONS A TERRIFYING encounter with an escaped convict forever changes the life of the orphaned Pip. Turning his back on his humble beginnings as a blacksmith's apprentice, he strives to better himself and become a gentleman, unaware of the hidden dangers that await him.

Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod’s new adaptation lays bare a tissue of lies and guilt in Dickens’s least sentimental love story Great Expectations. It also tackles big questions of identity while mustering a cast of unforgettable Gargery. This brand new dramatisation was the RSC’s main stage Christmas Show in 2005.

The University of Southampton Theatre Group’s November play is directed by James Hemingway with assistance by Kerry McIntyre. The ensemble cast is led by Chris Barlow as Pip, Alex Curtis as Magwitch, James Forster as Jaggers, Ashleigh Clowes as Estella and Alice Walsh as Miss Havisham.


CLERICAL ERRORS REV. James Martin`s simple moral upbringing is suddenly shattered by the encampment of the Briggs family in his now disused Methodist Chapel.

They lead an unorthodox lifestyle – Grannie Briggs’ dependence on gin, Julie`s immoral earnings and inability to maintain a conventional job and Pete`s simple naivety – all combine to show James a side of life he never knew existed.

Uncharacteristically, James decides to try their way of life by moving in with them, much to his mother`s surprise. His attempts to solve the Briggs` problems have unexpected results!

Yet it is young Julie`s spirit and determination to keep her family together against all the odds that forces him to reconsider his own career – much to the chagrin of his fiancee, Sylvia.

Lymington Players present Clerical Errors, a modern comedy by Georgina Reed, directed by Joy Bacon.

It runs from Tuesday to Saturday at the Malt Hall Theatre at Lymington Community Centre.

For tickets, call 01590 672337.

AN IDEAL HUSBAND A FEAST of wit and romance, spiced with a dash of blackmail, all set among the “beautiful people” and Mayfair salons of Victorian High Society.

Oscar Wilde’s sparkling satirical comedy An Ideal Husband is this most elegant of humorous playwrights at the height of his powers.

An Ideal Husband was an instant hit when it opened at London’s Haymarket Theatre in 1895. It has been delighting audiences ever since.

The show is being presented by RAODS at The Plaza Theatre in Romsey from Tuesday to Saturday.

Tickets are available from plazatheatre.

com or 01794 512987.

ROOM 13 TITCHFIELD Youth Theatre present an adaptation of Robert Swindells classic thriller Room 13.

Somebody was in there...

Somebody or something... And something very peculiar is happening to Ellie May Sunderland... Something very sinister.

The show runs from Thursday to Saturday.