A TERRIBLE nightmare that Fliss has before a school trip starts to become reality.

The teachers refuse to believe that a pupil is in danger despite warnings from Fliss.

The hotel that they are staying in holds a sinister secret and it all is concerned with Room 13 – a room that only “appears” at night.

The plot was inspired by Bram Stoker who got the idea for Dracula while staying in the hotel where the school party now is.

The atmosphere was heightened by good sound effects (John O’Hanlon, Scott Metcalf) although the opening sounds tended to drown the actors’ voices.

The three teachers (Emma King, Eliza Pescott, Sara Peacock) were suitably authoritarian while the three males (Harvey Hill, Kristian Fraser, Oliver Halton) provided much of the humour with good effect.

Casey Gibbett (Ellie May) convinced and Megan O’Hanlon (Fliss) showed maturity in her main role. All the cast deserved the applause they received.