PANTO season means that Christmas is getting near, and WTC threw almost every gag in the book into this thoroughly enjoyable version of the Grimm Brothers’ favourite.

Leading the charge, and receiving her deserved quota of boos and hisses, was Jenny Philips’ excellently malicious Queen Avarice, dispensing evil at every turn, and never better than in her execution of the Marx Brothers’ classic reflectionin- the-mirror gag in conjunction with Ian Gardner’s crowd-pleasing (and ad-libbing) dame, Edna Bucket.

Every excruciating pun imaginable was shoe-horned into this funpacked production by, among many others, Alison Edmondson’s jester Chuckles, Adrian Walker’s bewigged Justice Quill and Nicky Hooker’s dim but devoted clerk Scribbles.

At the centre of the story Tammy Andrews was perfect as the Disneyesque Snow White and Jordan McGarry a handsome Prince Ferdinand, while Pam Hill’s graceful Fairy of Good Fortune radiated elegance while ensuring a happy ending for the enthusiastic Warsash audience.