DIRECTOR Marie Barnett’s adaptation of this much-loved tale provides a good vehicle for the talents of this company.

Fifteen-year-old Ashleigh Ings belies her young age as an articulate Dorothy who is transported to the Land of Oz from her native Kansas.

The Munchkins (delightfully played by the young cast members) set her on her way to Oz to meet the wizard who will be able to return her home.

The Scarecrow (Beverley Oliver), Tin Man (Amanda Evans) and Lion (Jane Cooke) play their part in entertaining the audience with their various foibles. The Wicked Witch (Terri Crawley) gets the required reactions from the audience to her evil ways. Fortunately, the Good Witch (Sue Barton-Leigh) is on hand to smooth the way.

The costumes (Lucie Penney) are terrific, the scenery is bright. Add to this the tuneful singing and audience participation and you have a very entertaining evening.