SHAKESPEARE’S ludicrously improbable plot of having two sets of twins, abandoned at birth, finding themselves in the same city on the same day, and finding a long-lost father (under sentence of death) and long-lost mother (now an abbess), was here given the full-on treatment by an extremely creative production team and a company of actors prepared to take a few risks.

The end result was a thoroughly stylish evening, full of mad-cap business, innovative story-telling, and brash, no-holds-barred performances on a busy, multi-level set with effective back-projection.

True, some business was too laboured and didn’t quite pay off but this didn’t stem the flow of ideas and energy.

The Syracusans had the best of the evening, with both Jed Marshall (Antipholus) and Ellie Blacklock (Dromio) struggling to understand the ever-mounting confusion, while Sarah Divall was particularly good as bewildered wife Adriana, and Chris Walker as delightfully spivvy goldsmith Angelo.