The…story within a story told by hapless narrators seemed to work well…so the Brothers Grimmer are back!” Yes, they were indeed back – and to great effect!

Right from the start this was a bright, lively, high octane traditional pantomime and yet it was also refreshingly presented at a slick, energetic pace that had the audience, even the smallest toddlers, enthralled throughout.

Excellent direction ensured that the actors approached this with an almost Shakespearean reverence that yielded terrific results.

Amongst a universally first-rate cast, it’s difficult to pick out individuals, but Alice Corrigan was outstanding as villain Nostrodomindos, both Helen Young and Beth Evans were superb principal boys, Dan Finch an excellent Dame and narrating duo, Mark Wakeman and Alan Welton, held it all together brilliantly.

Enhanced by bold, colourful scenery, seamless scene changes, and creative lights and sound, this originally-scripted production was a practically perfect pantomime! Recommended.