DEBUT Youth Theatre have distilled the story into a show of around 60 minutes.

This proved the perfect length, enabling the company to sustain a madcap pace that created the sense of disorientation as Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, with its surreal cast of characters, unfolded.

The company as a whole worked well together, exuding great confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of fun that charmed and captivated the audience. This was topped by excellent performances by the lead characters.

The three actresses as the Cheshire cat were wonderful, while the three Alices worked brilliantly. Anna Robinson as the March Hare and Chloe Jarvis as the Mad Hatter also made their mark.

The production was staged with wit and had some clever set pieces. The wardrobe department pulled out all the stops to dazzle with a stupendous kaleidoscope of colour and texture.

A splendid Wonderland adventure.