A SWASHBUCKLING tale of skulduggery on the high seas, and although the audience started out as flat as a mill pond the Bishopstoke Players’ motley crew was not deterred and whipped up a storm.

I fell hook, line and sinker for Long John Slither’s (Peter Burton) villainous charms and where there is evil, a dame cannot be far away. The ravishing (and many-costumed) Mrs Ladd (John Morgan) delivered in abundance as she pouted and preened.

Her son – yes, you’ve guessed it – Jim Ladd (Mica Sharples) would have made her ma proud.

The chorus needed more focus and energy in the first act but clearly they were threatened with the plank in the interval as the second half was as slick as Don Iguana’s (Mark Woodcock) accent.

Bertha Gunn (Maggie Allington) was perfect as the sun-crazed crone. Add a parrot called Captain Haddock (Alison Pugh) to the proceedings and you have a night to be treasured.