HAIR is a tale of the fight for peace, love and freedom overshadowed by the waning days of adolescence and the looming, overbearing responsibility of adulthood.

Set in 1967, hippy teenagers protest about the US conscription to Vietnam, in-between smoking illicit substances and group-groping in this parody of the era.

Despite the clear enjoyment and energy of the cast, I found it difficult to care about many of the individuals, the leading man being an exception.

The characters seemed more of an impression than a reality and there was less of the free-love and rather too much free-style for my liking. Where there was choreography it was good.

The “tripping” scene was a highlight. It was well-lit and there were some good directorial ideas, which bathed the audience in a morally dubious nostalgia.

The group managed to pull off some of the poignancy of the occasion, with their assertion of life and freedom, but maybe the show is a product of its time.