THIS University company regularly tackle Gilbert and Sullivan and consistently unearth real talent in the process.

Trial by Jury is the better-known of the two productions and gave us several exceptional performances.

Owen Perring warmed the proceedings up as a lively Usher, before being joined by an excellent jury in fine voice.

Daniel Clements racked things up as the demented Judge before Roseanna Bowen took the stage as jilted bride Angelina.

With looks that match her voice she is a talent to watch out for.

Tom Hudson (would-be-husband Edwin) and Ynes Benotmane (Counsel) sang well, if rather quietly for us to fully appreciate the quality of their voices.

The less-substantial opener, Cox and Box, was also enjoyable, and Joe Atkins-Turkish, Jon North and Richard Kille gave it a good go.

Basic sets and lighting worked well, Thomas Joy’s orchestra was noteworthy and Emma Joy directed two high-energy casts to good-effect.