IN the nine months before Second World War began, almost 10,000 German Jewish children arrived in Britain unaccompanied on what became known as Kindertransport.

Sent by their parents to escape the horrors of the Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany, many of them would never see their families again. The last train left Germany just two days before the start of war.

Kindertransport is a play that explores the universal human experience of separation of child from parent, and also of having to flee to a strange place for refuge and abandon the source of one’s culture or ‘motherland’ in order to survive.

Titchfield Festival theatre brings this poignant play to the stage from Wednesday until Saturday, May 26. Tickets are available from or 01329 556156.

n Bishopstoke Players are celebrating 65 years by staging the farce Caught in the Net by Ray Cooney next week.

Taxi-driver John has managed to keep his two families apart for over 20 years. Along comes the Internet. What can possibly go wrong?

The comedy, in aid of Action for Children, is at Bishopstoke Memorial Hall from Thursday to Saturday. Visit

n WHEN Sue decides to try a ‘get away from everybody’ caravan holiday, little does she realise that she’s booked into the caravan site from hell. She is soon taken under the wing of expert but inadequate caravaner, Neville.

That’s when he’s not engaged in battle with his wife, or trying to cope with his separated sister-in-law.

Third Week in August is at Studio Theatre in Salisbury from Monday to Saturday. Call 01722 334956.

n Bursledon Players present a trivial comedy for serious people at Bursledon Village Hall next week.

Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest tells the tale of two young men pretending to be someone they are not.

They both wish to marry attractive heiresses, and each tries to prevent the marriage of the other, for selfish reasons. The story evolves to include a romance between a vicar and a governess and an unlikely story of a baby and a handbag.

See it at Bursledon Village Hall from Thursday to Saturday. Tickets are available at