THREE students perform a play that dramatizes their memories of high school and in particular the drama teacher who ignites their passion and imagination for drama.

With just a month of rehearsals for PAC’s first comedy and a very small venue, you could be forgiven for thinking that this would be low-quality production. You would be very much mistaken!

Becky McIntyre, Lewis Philpott and Ben Smart captured the essence of each of the twenty-plus characters in this observational comedy of a play within a play with great skill and flair.

With a minimal set and quick additions to their costumes to signify change of character, they had to rely on vocal talent and accents, changes in their physicality (notably Philpott as the headmistress!) and razor-sharp timing for different personalities, achieving this most successfully.

Their performances were dynamic, high-energy and raucous fun, all under Marc Fairclough’s skilful direction, enhanced by a rocking soundtrack.