GILBERT and Sullivan’s third collaboration was given a lively treatment by this young company.

After his wedding to Aline, Alexis (a confident Luke Barratt) bemoans the fact that the villagers don’t share their romantic happiness.

He enlists The Sorcerer (the excellent Jon North) to dose the guests with a magic potion that will make them fall in love with the first person they see after waking.

Charlotte Rowen (Aline) is very impressive, displaying fine singing and acting ability, qualities also possessed by Rosie Bowen (Constance). James Rosser is a charismatic Dr Daly and Richard Patient a comical Sir Marmaduke.

Constance’s mother is well portrayed by Amy Whittington, and Jenni MacDowell (Lady Annabella) treated us to a fine solo.

The minimalist set worked well and the dryice teapot was an inventive prop. Costumes were appropriate, sound quality variable, but overall, The Sorcerer’s apprentices did well!