LESLIE Sands’ tortuous thriller involves the efforts of Howard Holt (Mike Bailey, an unlikely, bur rather winning Lothario) and his wife Karen (Katie Thomson, passionate, though handwringing) to conceal the fact she has run over his mistress Julie (Karen Dyer, handles an implausible part with dignity) outside their country retreat.

His first idea is to crash the car into a street light and then going off to conceal Julie’s body before the highly informal, gimlet-eyed Inspector Davies (audience favourite Richard Friend) comes knocking.

The plot doesn’t make better sense as it goes along and the dialogue, dating from 1959, clashes with the set and costumes, which seem more a vision of the 70s. Nevertheless, the piece is played with enthusiasm and sly humour, and some of the twists aren’t entirely predictable.

Erin Taylor and especially tiresome neighbour Angela Sutherland are good fun in supporting roles.